Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts for Pets

In conversation with the founder of Paws en Vogue on the inspiration behind the popular pet accessories

By Christina Doyle


As conscious consumers, we are always looking for products that don’t break the bank and that reflect a quality and ethics we can feel good about. Paws en Vogue is an eco-conscious company focusing on providing organic, environmentally friendly and fairly-traded products for pets–truly a one-stop shop for all your pet accessory needs. Forging a new space in the pet product economy, Founder and CEO, Anne-Sophie Kergaravat, has combined her love of eco-friendly everything with her passion for pets to provide healthier, greener products with the click of the mouse. “The eco-conscious consumption is booming and people are more and more aware of everything. However, I realized that pets were kind of forgotten in the process. They are living creatures too and if it’s better for us, it’s better for them as well”.

Today the website offers a large selection of accessories, toys, treats, beds, clothing, grooming products, cleaning supplies and more. Products  range from 100% organic cotton or bamboo dog hoodies, organic treats and recycled toys to delicious-smelling, chemical-free shampoos. From everyday treats to special sweaters and wet kiss cologne, shopping for your dog has never been easier. As compared with other pet products, Paws En Vogue offers products with prices that are slightly higher than average but still affordable given that they are sourced from suppliers that must adhere to their strict specifications.

You can also do a little good while suiting up your pet by purchasing from the fair-trade, beaded collars & leashes collection handmade by Maasai women in Kenya. Says Anne-Sophie, “To have a sustainable world you have to have a healthy planet, but you also have a more balanced trade between developed countries and developing countries, which include having people paid fair wages for their hard work!”.

Browse some of our favorite products below and be sure to shop the entire catalog for the holidays on the Paws en Vogue website.