From the Dog Park to the Streets: The Best Winter Coats for Women

Get Leashed curates a list of the best winter coats for women

By Jon Nelson


If you’re in a part of the world that sees four seasons, you know the hardship of the winter coat. Shopping for one is stressful. It’s a commitment to something you’re going to be wearing at least occasionally for close to six months of the year. And truthfully, most relationships don’t even last that long. So like a relationship, when it’s new you love it. It’s warm and you look forward to going out with it hugging your body. But after a long winter, you’re so ready to shed it for something lighter. This is why we need to stay versatile with winter coats.

A good rule of thumb is having a coat you love (or can tolerate wearing) in three categories: one for cute and casual strolls, one for hitting the streets in your best, and one for those awful winter days when the dog is the only thing making you go outside.

With the help of some stylish ladies across town, Get Leashed has selected a list of the top 12 winter coats for women that fall into these three categories. Take a peek and click the link on the image to head to the shop and make a purchase if you’re looking to upgrade this season.

Thanks to Dani at Salad Days for help curating this list.