Lynn Simpson

At home with the creator of Mix Your Own Granola & her gorgeous Vizslas

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


Lynn is a woman that wears a lot of hats. In addition to creating a company that makes the best granola ever, she’s part of some of the most important causes out there. Plus, she’s super healthy and active. We’re not sure how she finds time to do everything she does, but it’s working for her. Lynn’s home is as happy and full of light and healthy stuff as she is.

We’ll let Lynn tell you a bit more about herself below, but needless to say, if you love Vizslas and people that help make this little world of ours a better, healthier place, you’ll love Lynn too.

I am a:

Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Creator of Mix Your Own Granola – Custom Organic Granola Website – “You Mix It, We Ship It!”
Mother of Four Amazing Kids
Total Foodie
Sports Enthusiast
Dog Lover
Vizsla Breeder
Art Collector
Amateur Photographer
World Traveler – I love traveling and have literally been around the world
I support a number of causes, mostly around disadvantaged kids, locally and in Africa, Sick Kids Hospital, Elephant protection in Africa, Rhino protection in Africa, HIV and health education in Africa, Dog rescue in Mexico, Dolphin Project (International organization dedicated to restoring freedom for all captive dolphins and whales.)

A bit about my dogs:

I have two clever Vizlsas. Ozzie is 8 and Zuri is 5. Both are Show Champions and titled Field Dogs. They basically think that they are human. They have very unique and large personalities. They are extremely athletic dogs. Some people call Vizlsas “velcro dogs” because they always like to be at your side, even if you might like a bit of privacy, you’ll be hard pressed to get it with these two around. They’re kind of … attached.

My personal style:

If I am not in athletic or technical clothing for tennis, cycling, snowboarding or working out, I like clothing with an edge. Of course jeans are a staple and I have a large weakness for shoes. I dress from one extreme to the next. I love athletic clothing and I love getting dressed up too.

I am inspired by:

The power and beauty of nature
music – gets me moving, cooking, spinning faster,
a random smile from a stranger
the relentless effort of an athlete
the wide eyed innocent delight of a child

About my home:

My home is warm, welcoming and full of light. It was custom built for me and my family 8 years ago and is a home to live in and enjoy. The space is equally suited to host large gatherings, or to quietly snuggle up in front of the fire. It opens up to a large landscaped yard allowing a seamless connection with the outdoors. Inside it has plenty of large open spaces to display my collection of artwork. They say that home is where the heart is, and there is plenty of heart here.

I cannot live without:

My Custom Granola
My Juicer
My Road Bike
My Tennis Racquets
A Plan for my Next Adventure

A dog story:

Vizslas are notoriously an energetic breed, but my Ozzie has energy for ten. He is also very smart. The doors in my home have lever style handles. Ozzie taught himself how to open them. He’s like a kid. Sometimes he gets bored. If the deadbolt has not been turned, and if no one is looking, Ozzie will let himself out and go for a stroll. Most often he goes to the neighbourhood school to play with the kids, but honestly, any human will do. One time I received a call from a man – my phone number is on Ozzie’s collar – who informed me that he had my dog. “It’s no problem. Your dog jumped right into my vehicle as if he wanted a ride” he said. He informed me that he was just leaving his clients home nearby and that he is a book keeper. “Did you say bookkeeper?” I asked. “I’ve been looking for one for the longest time.” “Well, I think your dog just found you one.” He has been my book keeper ever since.

Life is:

To be lived with joy, without regret, with kindness, generosity, gratitude and plenty of love.