Social Pets – Marnie the Dog

@MarnieTheDog brings joy to the world

By Jon Nelson


The Internet is near bursting with adorable animals, but only a select few make it to the top of the pyramid of cuteness to become househould names. These notoriously special pets have followers ranging in the hundreds of thousands and a personality that so captures our collective hearts, the internet can’t help but explode whenever they do something new.

In terms of an absolute JEPS  (Joy Experienced Per Second) rating, Marnie the Dog wins. Watching this odd little pup cruise around with her adorably tilted head and permanently outstretched tongue makes you feel a little better no matter what’s happening in your day. Reading her story and learning what this lucky dog went through to come out on top will add to the joy you feel and even (hopefully) inspire you to adopt a pet.

We’re constantly reminded, for good reason, that the Internet is so much more than funny pet videos and should be used to its full potential. But even with everything it offers, there’s nothing wrong with taking a minute to experience the happiness a pet can give. We thank Marnie and her owner for taking to the Internet to spread Marnie’s joy to everyone that needs it!

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