Carly & Mike

Founders of The INC Society talk work, love and life with their big softie of a bulldog

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


We had heard that Carly and Mike—founders of The INC Society–were a funny couple, but we weren’t really prepared for the true level of hilarity these two bring. For starters, they have stories about their dog that will leave any pet person in stitches, but it’s more than just that. Their little interactions with each other are so endearing, but subtly funny, that you’re left smiling without even being sure why. On top of this, they’re super cool, full of style, and have a home that’s full of… hmm… elegant flair. Sure, that works.

As for their pup, Tully is an American/British Bulldog who’s a giant ball of reckless love. She’s overly affectionate but she’s easily encouraged; no matter how many hugs and pats her big eyes bribe you for, you’re apt to give her more.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to get up on The INC Society and all of its offerings. We’ll let Carly tell you more about the company in her own words below, but pretty much we think Carly and Mike founded a genius business and we can’t wait to be a part of it!

About yourself:

Hmmm…Well, Mike and I founded The INC Society together—it was our response to painful points we both encountered as entrepreneurs. Essentially, what we have created is a members-only community of Canadian entrepreneurs that gives members access to perks, benefits and networking opportunities that have been traditionally been reserved for large corporate executives.

And then we both have our “own things.”  I am in the process of writing a novel and Mike is the President of Castlegar Management, which is a management consulting business focused on providing advisory services to technology companies.

What’s your ideal weekend?

First of all, it’s summer. We are not really big fans of winter. The weekend would start with a pretty early wake-up after a deep and restful sleep.  I am a bit of an insomniac, which is seriously not fun (although I have a blog I play around with on my sleepless nights which has made 3am slightly more tolerable).

Then a big dog walk to get coffee, maybe stroll around Wychwood Barns or through the Cedarvale ravine where we will debate current events and ultimately end up at Pain Perdu for gateau basque and pain chocolat.

Next we would go home, wake up our teenager, jump on our bikes and head out for a patio lunch. Maybe in Greek town–Libretto perhaps? Then a movie. Or maybe the AGO?  Then dinner (a BBQ is ideal if it is indeed glorious glorious summer) at home with friends and a bottle (or 6) of Hinterland bubbles.

About your pet:

Our dog’s name is Tullulah Sheera, but she goes by “Tully” “Tul” or “TukTuk.” She’s an American/ English bulldog cross.  We chose the breed because Mike has wanted an English bulldog his whole life, which makes sense seeing as:

“The nose of the Bulldog has been slanted backwards so that he can breathe without letting go”

-Winston Churchill

If you know Mike, you know the bulldog is a perfect match to his personality.  However, upon doing some research, we found that the pure English can be quite prone to health problems and I need my dogs to live to be at least 50, or more ideally 100 years old, so it didn’t feel like the right fit. We stayed “bully” but ditched some of the worries by getting the cross.

Tully actually makes everyone smile, except those people who just generally dislike dogs. But let’s be real, who cares what those people think! She makes everyone she meets feel loved and special and is always up for a run or a swim (albeit she is a terrible swimmer, more inclined to trying to climb on top of you and near drown you than be a pleasant doggy paddle companion). She is also perfectly happy to just rest her head on you and have a snore and drool-filled sleep.  She’s a giant, muscular ball of softness.


A Tully story:

Just a few weeks ago, while we were out for dinner, she ate 25 full-sized chocolate bars, wrappers and all,  that had been purchased to create a fairly elaborate advent calendar.  When we got home she came running to greet us, tail wagging, acting like “Hey guys, welcome home.  Nothing unique to report from my evening.” Upon discovering a pile of yellow Mentos in my office, (the only thing she didn’t eat, which I empathize with–yellow is gross) we were instructed by doggy poison control to squirt hydrogen peroxide down her throat to induce vomiting to bring up the chocolate. She looked at us HORRIFIED as we administered the treatment.  Her doggy thoughts were clear. “GUYS! OH MY GOD! Fine, I perhaps ate something which was not intended for me, but MURDER? I thought you loved me!?!”

Depressed, scared, probably feeling pretty ill, and now bloated to the point that she looked like she swallowed a pumpkin whole, we put her in the back seat of the car at midnight to get her to the emergency vet, as no matter how much peroxide we squirted in her and no matter how much we walked her, the chocolate was just not coming up.

As we pulled up to the vet and were taking off our seatbelts, she looked at us quickly before doing that back arching thing and spraying melted Hershey-reeking vomit all over (and I mean all over) the car and us. She watched us as we cleaned up at 1am in -10 degrees.  If she could say “sorry,” she sheepishly would have.  But in her diary she would have written, “They tried to kill me.  They will not try that again.”

How would you describe your personal style?

We are both far more inclined to spend money on food than clothes. And after food we will spend money on good sheets before we spend it on good shoes.  And then on flights before bags.  So our “style” is anything that hides a muffin top and can stand up to be splatted with oil or butter when we are cooking.

What inspires you?

Our inspiration is Happiness.  Life hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been good.  Doing things that make people laugh or smile or just have an easier go, are our absolute motivations.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

People often say they feel “happy” in our home.  It’s inviting, I think. Comfortable.  The vast majority of the art has been done by our son, so the environment feels really personal and special to us.  Overall, our house is an ongoing DIY project.  But as long as there is a pot of basil on the windowsill and something with garlic perfuming the house, we’re happy to call it home.

Share an anecdote about your relationship with your pet:

Did we cover this with the delightful puke story?  At the end of the day I think I may be a “crazy dog mom.”  I work from home and spend my days moving Tully’s bed around my office so she can always be sleeping in the sunniest spot.  I watch TV lying on the floor with her, using her big body as my pillow.  I kiss her on the lips, which I recommend you try because they are the softest, cutest little things.  I read something recently that said a dog owner’s brain lights up in the same areas when they look at their dog as when they look at their children.  I get that.  My son glared at me when I told him about the article.  But then he looked at his pup and kissed her all over her face.  She’s irresistible