To the Dog Park, The Bar, and Beyond! The Best Winter Coats for Men

Get Leashed curates the best winter coats for men in the city

By Jon Nelson


Many men believe they can get by all winter with a black pea coat. While we don’t bash this classic style, we at Get Leashed believe there’s so much more that can hang on a man’s coatrack. The black pea coat should be there, but toss in a vintage army parka throwback and a blue down bomber to make your winter days a little easier to handle. Because when the weather is a nonstop grey canvas day in and day out, it’s good to feel like you at least have some choice for what’s going on outside.

Warmth is the priority in winter outerwear, but we look at jackets that can get you through the wet days or mild days too – because first and foremost, dressing properly for the weather is the most stylish thing you can do. If the temperature is hovering just around 0, keep the heavy parka at home and look no further than an insulated blazer. If it’s a wet, heavy sleet, that wool coat isn’t going to cut it and you’ll want a rater proof layer with a hood for comfort.

Our curated list aims to help you look good at the dog park, fellas. Even if you’re unshaven with sleep in your eyes, you never know who might be admiring that coat you threw on as your pup pulled you out the door. There’s nothing sexier than being dressed perfectly for what winter’s doing that day.

Check out our favorite coats for the season and click on the images for links to buy.