Social Pets – Cats in Christmas Trees

A tribute to the most entertaining felines of the season

By Jon Nelson



Have some extra time to kill over the holidays? There’s really nothing that brings us as much joy as cat videos. There’s a reason the internet is so chalk-full of them. These two minute videos are pure happiness, the curious stars of which make us smile in wonderment at what’s going through their fuzzy heads.

At Get Leashed, our social feeds are stuffed with animal videos and we tend to see the newest and most seasonably applicable ones before most. This month, cats in Christmas trees have taken over our world. As a tribute to these entertaining felines, we’ve compiled a few of our favorites.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Not sure what they thought was going to happen here… should’ve stopped filming maybe.

He’s a  strong proponent of Festivus and wants everyone to convert.

Just having a ball.

It’s totally natural and everyone with a cat and a tree should know it.

Pretty sure this cat’s loving the holidays more than most humans.