Social Pets – Cinnamon Grande

Ariana Grande adds even more spice to her life with a dog named Cinnamon

By Jon Nelson


Rarely does a celeb getting a new dog spike as much attention as Ariana Grande’s latest addition to her glam fam. Cinnamon, an adorable rescue mutt, absolutely melted hearts and the Internet when Ariana posted a pic to Instagram a couple weeks ago – to the tune of 853K likes.

We love that this starlet adopted a rescue dog. To assist in making her even more likeable, this isn’t her first. Cinnamon will be joining a growing family of adorable pups. A quote from her initial post: “She will be safe, spoiled and loved unconditionally!!!!!!” We bet she will!

Whether or not you’re a fan of her increasingly popular music, Ariana Grande has won us over with the goodness of her heart. Tis the season for buying new pets – let this serve as a reminder that even celebs who could have any dog they want are choosing to adopt!

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