The Best Pets on the Internet in 2014

Start the first work week of 2015 with pets doing great pet things

By Jon Nelson


In 2014, Vine became a bigger, better platform for finding the greatest pets and their most entertaining antics. Thankfully, a genius animal lover made a best of the year compilation of 6 second Vine clips guaranteed to make your day better. Since today is Monday and you may or may not be starting back to work after the holiday season, we thought it would be good to supply you with a few minutes of pure animal serenity to help with the transition. Or you could take the whole 75 minutes – whatever you need!

Skip to 0:48 for one of our favorite kittens.

Hit up 6:30 for our favorite barnyard animal.

Go to 9:37 for the best dressed-up dog.

24:57 has one of the most talented poodles.

Jump to 27:20 for our favorite dog out the window clip.

33:50 for the funniest cat stretch.

Get over to 51:15 for a must see turtle – dog meet up.