Social Pets – Furde Force

The furry friends of the UK’s most well known fashion and beauty blogger, Fleur De Force

By Jon Nelson


If you don’t know Fleur De Force, she’s a UK blogger / vlogger that captures hundreds of thousands of views with little more than her charm. Together with Mike De Force, they’ve opened a window into their lives and invited spectators to take part in their every day activities. For whatever reason, that charm again, or perhaps that they just seem like the kind of people you’d like to spend an afternoon with, once you start watching, it’s hard to stop.

Fleur started a fashion / beauty / lifestyle vlog in 2009 when vlogging was still a puppy. She delivers tips and tricks for beauty and finds fashion at a cost girls can swallow. Part of her attraction to loyal fans has got to her dedication to catering to her fans by answering questions and producing vlogs on what they ask for – a definite fans-first lady who knows that it’s the viewers who have gotten her to where she is.

But of course,  the most important thing about Fleur and Mike is: They have pets on Instagram! Four in the family (though sometimes it looks like more – extended fam likely) and all just as adorable as the next. Three dogs and a cat make up this Instagram account, lounging around the house and showcasing some home style while winning our hearts with their fantastic faces.

If you love fashion vlogs and adorable pets, follow Fleur De Force’s YouTube Page and Instagram account. And don’t forget the pets, Furde Force on Instagram as well!