Top 12 Dog Coats for Wintery Days

Get Leashed picks for fashion and function when dressing your pooch this season

By Jon Nelson


Cold weather is here to stay, at least for a while still until Spring shows its face. The coldest of the cold months, Jan and Feb, mean your dog (depending on the breed) is going to need a bit of protection to keep up a healthy regiment of outdoor time.

As always, we considered style and functionality when compiling our list of favorite coats for pooches. While some truly are meant for the coldest days and most active dogs, some add warmth but are more so just really sweet looking! It’s not hard to tell what’s what at a glance, but click on each image for more info and links for where to buy.

Winter is only as terrible as we let it be, and making sure you continue to walk your dog as much as you would in the warmer months will make you and your dog happier through these chilly times. So bundle up and have fun!