Social Pets – Life of Vi

The wonderfully entertaining life of Violet Pig Simpson

By Jon Nelson


Arguably the cutest breeds of dog in the world, French Bulldogs are capturing our hearts left, right and center across social media platforms. These photogenic furry balls of amusement are just really hard to take your eyes off. For those of us that appreciate a good few minutes of wasted time on Instagram or the like, it doesn’t get much better than an account dedicated to the antics of a pooch – especially an energetic Frenchie.

To tickle your cute factor fancy, look no further than the Life of Vi. Called Violet Pig Simpson in formal settings, Vi (we’re casual friends) is Rachel Simpson’s overly adorable, totally entertaining Frenchie. As a graphic designer, Rachel has an eye for photography and conducting an image to make its subject pop to life. Needless to say, Vi’s Instagram account is like Lay’s Potato Chips in the 90’s: You’re likely to ingest the entire catalog in one sitting – each image being even more fulfilling than the last.

Rachel’s been supplying Get Leashed with special editions of Life of Vi articles since we opened shop and her legions of fans (us included) can’t get enough. Always thrilling, never disappointing, Vi has given dog lovers and dogs alike her take on the seasons, her favorite products, and her plans for the being an even better Frenchie in 2015 – plus more!

Be sure to follow @lifeofVi on Instagram and check back often for her next installments!