8 Reasons Cat People Are Better than Dog People

Get Leashed stokes the cat people vs. dog people fire

By Jon Nelson


Disagree? Check out 8 reasons dog people are better than cat people.

1. Cat people can go away for a weekend at the drop of a hat

Leave out some extra food and when you return your cat will be like: “You were gone?” No. Problem.

2. Cat people earn respectbea3efb1b3eb68a89edbd168276886e6

Want your cat to want to hang out around you? Just be cool, man. Seek attention and you won’t get it. Learn to play hard-to-get and stop being, well, a pussy.

3. Cat people don’t have to go outside if they don’t want to

Forecast calls for freezing rain? You don’t have to leave your house. You don’t even have to get out of your pajamas. Nobody wants to go out in that and nobody has to, unless you have a dog.

4. Cat people only have to occasionally deal with poo

And they can use a scoop. It’s not even a daily thing if you’ve been smart about where the kitty litter is. Plus, you can wait for it to be cold and hard, not fresh and warm. Ew.

5. Cat people get bigger humorous moments

Cats are to animal comedy what Dave Chapelle is to people comedy. They don’t do anything for long periods of time so that when they do, it’s freaking hilarious.

c9dc89a372922e9011911f987823c7c56. Cat people can eat without being stared at

Cats don’t really want your food and if sleeping is an option during dinnertime, they’ll likely just do that.

7. Cat people can leave the house without feeling guilty

No sad faces, no whining or barking, just open the door and walk out.

8. Cat people are better in bed

Somehow, getting a cat to let you pet it is much like convincing someone you’re worth sleeping with. Touch and caress a cat in the right places and they’ll let you keep doing it. Be sloppy and they’re gone. Know what we mean?