8 Reasons Dog People Are Better than Cat People

Get Leashed stokes the cat people vs. dog people fire

By Jon Nelson


Disagree? Check out 8 reasons cat people are better than dog people.

1. Dog people get more exercise

Having a dog is a commitment to calorie loss. You can’t let down your buddy and your buddy needs to stretch his legs.

2. Dog people don’t talk about their problems all the timeb99487a8ea82db221b28dcd3ae672e7b-1

Why? Because they’ve already talked about them to their dog.

3. Dog people get more affection

Everybody loves cuddles and dogs are there to give them to you. A lot of the time, you didn’t even know you wanted some love, but you needed it… ahh dogs.

4. Dog people get welcomed home

Had a long day? Feeling a bit low? Not as soon as you open the door you’re not.

5. Dog people know more people

Ever been to a dog park? Whether you want to or not, you’re going to make new friends.

6. Dob2c18b073ae82b45df80a3ff6562c900g people are ready for the next step in life

It goes like this: Dog, significant other, live-in significant other, wedding, babies. Think we’re wrong? Have you been 30 before? It all starts with the dog.

7. Dog people get laid more

“I have a dog.” Best. Pick up line. Ever.

8. Dog people are more affectionate

Don’t like waiting to be kissed? You won’t have to if you’re dating a dog person. Just need a hug? Ask a dog person – they’re used to giving affection readily and almost all the time.