India Hicks

Your new doggy, style and lifestyle obsession

By Stefanie Gibson

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Oh to be India Hicks. She’s a successful former model, 678th in line to the British throne (but who’s counting?), a hotelier and was even one of the late Princess Diana’s bridesmaids. But although she’s the Granddaughter of Earl Mountbatten of Burma and the daughter of the famous designer, David Hicks, India has lived a surprisingly low-key life, keeping it chilled-out and bohemian in the Bahamas.

It’s clear India has a lot going for her, but what we’re most interested in is her dogs. Actually, she has two dogs, two cats and a flock of love birds. India’s blog gives us a glimpse into the charming and, sometimes, heartbreaking world she shares with her pets. With posts that touch on the hope she has for her ‘odd man out’ love bird, to the loss of her beloved lab, India isn’t afraid to show her vulnerability.

Of course, India’s blog, as well as her Instagram account, also showcase many envious aspects of her charmed island life, and ooze with her effortless elegance, style and class. In fact, the world’s growing fascination with the life of India has prompted her to sell a few products online. Each curated item unmistakably radiates that signature India flare, and often includes her personal logo: the quirky, yet oddly attractive, beetle. .

In the middle of winter, we couldn’t recommend a better blog to read or a better Instagram account to follow. India’s innate style, gorgeous pets and jealousy-inducing island life all contribute to our growing obsession with the coolest aristocrat going.