Adorable Animals Win the Super Bowl

Forget the football, we’re here for the pets

By Brian Reynolds


Once again, football fever has taken hold. Diehards and band-wagoners alike are in a buzz about the Super Bowl, wherein Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will face off against the defending champions in the Seattle Seahawks. It’s promising to be a fierce battle worthy of gridiron history (assuming that someone remembers to inflate the ball of course). But if you have a new pet in the family that’s hasn’t been around for such a grandiose sporting event, this can be a very confusing day.

Luckily, Buzzfeed and Friskies are teaming up for Super Bowl XLIX with their hugely popular “Dear Kitten” video series. The original video in the series is fast approaching 20 million views and now the cats are back for the Super Bowl with Cat teaching Kitten about the weird, drunken and disorderly behavior exhibited by humans during the sporting event of the year. Basically it’s super adorable.

If cats aren’t your thing, the Budweiser Clydesdales are back and so is the out-of-control-cute Golden Lab puppy. Over the top sappiness is just what the doctor ordered in this ad titled “Lost Dog.” It’s another extension of Budweiser’s “Best Buds” campaign featuring some of the most loyal animals on the planet and the quintessential, hard working American. We’re right there with all the other tissue grabbers, this spot melts our hearts and makes the day feel like it’s here for us, the animal lovers.