7 Ways to Confirm That You Are a Cat in Human Form

How cat-like are you really?

By Leslie Phelan


Most people with any kind of grace or mystery to them can be considered rather cat-like in certain lights, but in how many ways do you embody the spirit of the cat?

1. You sleep a lot

Yes, everyone likes to sleep, but you are exceptional at it. Sure, you are sometimes a night owl, but you’re a person who values slumbering so highly that you make time to catch up on rest above all things, even work and social commitments. Day-sleeping? No problem. You’ve been known to curl up in a warm, sunny spot and enjoy epic catnap times like no one else.

2. You like to perchScreen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.08.11 AM

For you, there is no comfier position than to be plotting from on high. You like to make comfy nests when you are relaxing, and enjoy any seat with a great view. Tree houses make you unusually excited and tall beds are your jam. You prefer open windows to closed ones, and can never understand why people are always shutting their blinds and drapes when there is so much to see outside.

3. You feel withdrawn from busy social settings

You can enjoy the odd packed party but mostly, busy social settings make you wonder why you bothered to leave the stillness and soft clothes of your lair to be in the middle of all these strange people who you aren’t even sure you’re vibin’ with. Being in solitude is your natural state, and being in crowds is something you tolerate, but never much longer than you must.

4. You’re a hider

Sometimes you feel like venturing out, and sometimes there is literally no one else in the world you want to see. When you’re in reclusive-retreat mode, you like to lay low and go practically unnoticed . . . often to take naps, preferably perched. You tend to demonstrate the quietest kind of leisure.

5. Resting bitch face

People may think you don’t like them or that you’re unimpressed with what they’re saying just based on the face you make when you are listening, gapping out, or concentrating. You don’t actually dislike everyone, you just don’t care to be overly reassuring or gratuitously smiley at any given time.

6. You can be sweet, but very selectively

Like a cat who needs no one except maybe the person who feeds them, your affection is something you reserve only for when you really mean it, and really feel like giving it. When you are in the mood to drop love bombs all over your nearests and dearests, it is a welcome surprise that often leaves them slightly bewildered because it’s literally always unexpected.

7. Perhaps no one will ever truly know you

Your mind and heart are like a deep, cavernous attic-garage combo, with dark, mysterious corners that may never see the light of day. You like to keep things to yourself and prefer to observe and share anything personal on a need-to-know basis. Your close friends and family know not to press you for details, lest you clam up and decide not to tell them anything at all. You are a private creature, and are respected for your unique reserve.

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