Christina & Marc

Big fun with tiny dogs and this stylish Toronto couple

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


Toronto is literally bursting at the seams with new condos. While some people gripe at the eyesores taking up the downtown core, others appreciate the value found in modern design and many are even happy at the addition of lower rise, niche buildings in booming neighborhoods catering to young professionals. Our favorite thing about modern condo life? Most of these buildings allow pets. We recently met a couple – Christina and Marc – taking full advantage of this aspect of downtown condo living in one of Toronto’s newest and most welcome additions on Queen West. Their condo — hip and modern with a fun, antique-y twist – perfectly reflects their upbeat personalities and laid back lifestyle, which just happens to include two pretty cool Chihuahuas.

Christina and Marc give you the low-down on their life in a bit more detail below.

Tell us about yourself:

Christina: I’m a lifestyle publicist at rock-it promotions. I get to work on some cool clients like Tommy Hilfiger, World MasterCard Fashion Week, Consonant Skincare, Mackage and more. When I’m not at work, I’m a newly converted yogi, long-time runner and constant traveler. I have a sense of wanderlust and am always planning our next getaway, via detailed trip itineraries on google docs.IMG_7851

Marc: I’m a teacher and athletic director at an all-French school downtown. My day consists of coaching, playing sports and working out. When I’m not at work, I spend time coaching volleyball at U of T, playing/watching basketball and binge watching series on Netflix (preferably about American politics or zombies).

What’s your ideal weekend?

In the winter our ideal weekend would include yoga (for Christina), boozy brunch (also for Christina) and a nice dinner with friends. Ideally dinner is finished with a board game. Even more ideally that board game is Settlers of Catan… wait, is that nerdy?

In the summer, our ideal weekend is heading to the cottage.  Once we’re at the cottage, an ideal weekend is filled with sun, running, swimming, boating, yoga and board games.

Tell us about your pets:

We have two adopted Chihuahuas that we brought into our family via the Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport. Originally we had a large old Greyhound (King) and were looking for a smaller dog to keep him company. After doing some research we found out that Chancho was living in a foster home the next street over. We set up an appointment to visit and the rest is history. When King passed away from old age we immediately knew we would get a second Chihuahua through CCRT.

Chancho (10) is cuddly, loyal and proud.  Harley (8), is goofy, bendy and quirky. Together they make an entertaining and fun duo.

Both dogs were neglected in their past lives and have had multiple homes. Because of their terrible past lives they seem to have a deep appreciation of having a stable home. For that reason and every other reason, we’re huge advocates for animal adoption. There are so many amazing animals- especially old guys– out there looking for homes.


How would you describe your personal style?

Christina: I used to love jumping on every trend out there. My university wardrobe was like a scary BuzzFeed piece on terrible fashion trends (read: pink Uggs, Juicy Couture track suits, belts that matched my flip flops). Now my style is pretty simple and neutral. If I can’t wear a piece for multiple seasons, it doesn’t come into my closet anymore.

Marc: Comfortable. My day consists of playing sports and running around so typically I wear Lululemons and Under Armor tees. On weekends (because of my wife’s input) I stick to Diesel jeans, a plaid shirt and a good pair of boots (Fryes are my current go-to).

What inspires you?

We’re both inspired by travel. Seeing new parts of the world is eye opening and gives life much needed perspective. Often we come back from trips with an appreciation for that part of the world, but also for how awesome and inspirational Toronto is too.

IMG_7752How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

We summarize the look of our place in one word: clean. We both despise clutter and “stuff,” so we keep everything free of non-essentials. Because the design of the condo is quite modern, a lot of pieces in the condo are antiques, to warm up the space. Everything has simple clean lines and a neutral color palette (with the exception of the bright green ‘A’ hanging on the wall).

A relationship-defining pet story:

One month after adopting Harley she became quite ill. We had to bring her to the vet where she was to remain for the day for testing. About one hour after dropping Harley off we got a call from the vet to inform us that she was being very aggressive and had even tried to bite one of the lab techs. The vet decided to cease all tests on Harley. We offered to come to the vet’s office to assist, hoping that familiar faces would help calm Harley down. The doctor agreed and when we arrived we found Harley in the back of her cage looking very nervous (almost as if she thought she had been given up again). The second she saw us, her body language changed and we saw her little tail wag. The tech warned us to be careful; we ignored her and immediately opened the door. Harley almost leaped into Marc’s arms. From that point on Harley knew she had a home for good. In the end her health problem was not too serious and she made a full recovery.