Peachy Keen

Cute and quirky pet accessories that we can’t get enough of!

By Jon Nelson


Everyone has a nerdy side. It doesn’t have to be as loud as some and it may not come in the form of playing dress up at comic con, but we all have something we love a little more than a normal amount.

That’s where Niki Geroni-Lajoie comes in. For the people that want to celebrate their favorite pop culture icons, Peachy Keen collars, leashes and accessories are a subtle but incredibly cool way to do so. Along with patterns you wouldn’t find in most dog products, these easily get recognized as Niki’s work wherever you are.

Some of our most-loved pieces from Peachy Keen are featured below (click on the image to buy), but you should jump over to their website for more info and the entire ridiculously cool collection.

We hooked up with Niki who was gracious enough to let us know where the inspiration came from to start the most fun dog accessory company around.

With an eye for style and popular culture, you could have designed anything. Why pet products?

I started designing pet products almost 6 years ago. I was still dealing with physical setbacks after I was hit by an 8-wheeler truck while I was on my bike. I would go to work at a job I really loved at the CBC in intense pain and would spend weekends and evenings recuperating. I realized I needed to work from home and be my own boss. My pugs, Miso and Hummus, inspired me to start creating things for them that I didn’t see anywhere else. Happily, there were a bunch of great people out there that liked what we were offering!  I jumped in with both feet about a month and haven’t looked back since! I made a commitment to creating our products locally, ethically and totally vegan and these things continue to be the biggest draw for our customers.

What inspires your designs?

My designs are mostly inspired by nerdy culture and requests from our customers that have come permanent offerings.  I gravitate toward superheroes and kitschy designs for my dogs, but I started adding in things I thought would be really fun and would stand out – a lot of our customers and their dogs take part in trick competitions and need a bit of extra flare.  I don’t tend to follow any current trends – our pop culture pieces are almost all throw backs. Finding new fabrics is so fun that I like to play with as many different patterns as I can! I think we have about 200 options at the moment.

Tell us about your own pets!

I have two extremely wonderful black pugs. Miso is 12 years old and has been around from the beginning. We recently adopted Leia, another 12 year old pug. We love seniors and like to adopt rescues. They are ridiculous, snoring, snuggling weirdos that make me laugh all day while I sew.  Currently one is sitting on my non-sewing foot while the other stares at me waiting for dinner. They are always underfoot (or on my foot) and creating all the Peachy Keen good vibes in our office!  I am the luckiest person ever, getting to work with them by my side every single day.