The Best Movie Dogs of the Year

The dogs that made not-best pictures better pictures this year

By Patrick Cullen

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Photo credit: Twentieth Century Fox

With the Oscars on everyone’s collective mind, we took it upon ourselves to look at the best performances by dogs in films this past year. The movies represented definitely aren’t the year’s best, but that just makes it all the more acceptable that a dog should steal the picture. As a dog lover, sitting through a movie that’s not your cup of tea can totally be curbed by just a few minutes of a wonderful pooch on the screen. These four-legged stars can totally make us feel better for shelling out the funds on what turns out to be a complete schlock fest. So without further ado, here is our list of the best dog-actor nominees.

SPOILER ALERTS: John Wick, The Interview, The Drop

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John Wick

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Photo credit: Lionsgate

Daisy, the female dog in John Wick (played by Andy, a male Beagle), earned the title of cutest onscreen dog in 2014. While she only appears in the film for 10 minutes, she makes her mark by being absolutely adorable. Given to John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, as a gift from his (dead) wife, Daisy immediately melts hearts in her first few scenes where she is shown lying in her delivery crate. In the next few scenes, she looks up at John Wick lovingly from her bed on the floor, wakes him up with kisses, and runs down the hallway, ears flopping. She even runs out to use the bathroom on her own, making her not only adorable but very well-trained. It’s even cuter still when her first breakfast with her new owner is cereal and milk, because he hasn’t had a chance to buy her kibble.

Sadly, Daisy’s first trip in the car with Wick would turn out to be her last, as a few Eastern-European gangsters become unreasonably pissed off, try to steal Keanu’s car, and end up killing the darling Daisy. From there she is avenged as John Wick goes on a ridiculous killing spree for the rest of the movie and kills dozens of men in the name of his little pup… and possibly to come to terms with his wife’s passing. But really, it seems to be way more about the loss of his dog.

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The Interview

the interview 1

Photo credit: Sony Pictures

While The Interview will be remembered for the hype surrounding it and the oppressive dictator it supposedly angered, it can also claim the second cutest film dog of 2014. The charming Cocker Spaniel from Sony’s controversial flick happens to be named Kim Jong-Un by Rogan and Franco’s characters, which as Aaron Rapoport (played by Seth Rogan) puts it in the movie, is “super fucked up but he’s cute.” The pup is given to Dave Skylark (played by James Franco) by the dictator to further schmooze him before the actual interview and he then tags along as the pair attempt to escape North Korea. When Kim Jong-Un shows up, (the dog, not the dictator), you’ll agree with Skylark when he says, “this dog is killing me with cuteness.” He certainly does.Red line


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Photo credit: Warner Bros.

The dog from Godzilla, which appears only briefly, takes the cake for the fastest and strongest movie dog of 2014. As Godzilla approaches land, massive waves form and rumble towards the beach where the dog is tied up. Thankfully, the dog is able to break free from the tree and absolutely rockets into the city to where other people are beginning to notice the massive wave. The dog disappears into a crowd of people before they are swept away by the water.




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The Drop

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Photo credit: Twentieth Century Fox

In Tom Hardy’s latest movie, Rocco the Pitbull–who is actually played by three separate puppies to account for size change–wins the award for the best dog, overall. Rocco is resilient, as he is first found in a trash can, wounded by his previous owner, and then nursed back to health by two of the characters. As a blue Pitbull with strong features, he is both outstandingly handsome and also super-cute with his high-pitched whines and barks throughout the movie. The Drop is the best movie on this list (in my opinion) which also helps to make Rocco the best overall dog. While the others get by on cuteness, and in the case of Godzilla, blazing speed, Rocco actually moves the story along.Red line

The Other Woman

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Photo credit: Twentieth Century Fox

Honorable mention for top dogs in films from 2014 goes to the good looking Great Dane from The Other Woman.  This big dog gets a chance to make out with Leslie Mann and takes a poop in the middle of her apartment for some laughs. The movie was panned, but the Great Dane is handsome enough to make this list.








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