Lyndal Moody

@IggyJoey’s mom on raising the fabulous dog model

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


In the world of ridiculously cute dogs, there’s some that really push the limits of reason. These pinnacle-of-cuteness pups have a certain look that can stop you in the street, almost forcing you to make friends with their owner in order to be closer to their unreasonably beautiful features.

That’s pretty much what happened with Lyndal Moody and her dog, Joey. We were strolling across Queen Street and there she was, a slender Greyhound dressed to kill with the face of an angel. Turns out, @IggyJoey has quite the following of loyal dog, fashion, and dog fashion enthusiasts – and for good reason! This dog rules.

We shot Lyndal and Joey in their apartment and downstairs, at Cabaret Vintage. Special thanks to Tao, the man behind this amazing store (also pictured below as one of Joey’s besties).

Here’s Lyndal on her style and supermodel dog:

Tell us about yourself:

I am a social media manager and photographer for my own business, Moody Social. I represent and promote clients mainly in the fashion and film industry in Toronto. My day starts with a coffee and some Internet catch-up time, followed by a photoshoot or two and then back to my computer for editing and more Internet time! At night I like to watch movies, sew things or make music.

Tell us about your pet:

My dog’s name is Joey. She is a 10-month-old Italian Greyhound. I decided to get an Italian Greyhound because I’m allergic to dogs and they are considered hypoallergenic.IMG_9128

I started @IggyJoey’s Instagram account when we first got Joey mostly because I didn’t want to annoy all my friends with my constant stream of dog pictures. I started to notice an increase in her followers when I began getting her winter clothes. I had a lot of trouble finding clothes that would fit her unusual body shape so I ended up ordering her some custom made clothes from Etsy. While I was waiting for them to arrive it was getting colder and colder so I had to improvise. I read online that you could cut the sleeves off old sweaters and then put some holes in them for legs so that’s what we did. The bright patchwork sweater you see her wearing in a few pictures was the middle section of a $4 value village sweater that I sewed together. The one sweater ended up giving Joey three coats! And of course the bright colours made her Instagram account start to get popular. Once she got the clothes from Etsy it really took off. She’s so skinny that she really relies on her clothes to go outside and she really seems to love them. She looks so comfortable in them, she’s always posing. I guess you could say I accidentally created a doggy supermodel.

She gets so much positive feedback from her Instagram account. A lot of people comment that her posts really make their day and others want to know where to get her clothes. I haven’t received any negative feedback online, maybe a few eye rolls on the street. But the amount of people that smile and have a laugh makes it worth it.

What’s your ideal weekend?

My ideal weekend includes a sleep-in and brunch with my boyfriend, followed by a trip to the dog park (indoor ones at the moment). After that, ideally I’d take a stroll around the Queen West neighborhood and then go for drinks somewhere local with friends. If I can get some sunshine in there somewhere, I’m thrilled!


How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is pretty consistent. In summer I live in summer dresses and in winter I’ll be in a pair of jeans or tights. Photographing clothing stores like Cabaret Vintage and Logan & Finley means I have a lot of vintage and eco-friendly clothes in my wardrobe.

What inspires you? This can be a person, a book, a quote or way of life you try to strive for.3-roles-inspire_be-inspired

So many things inspire me! My family, my friends, travel, movies, my dog, the Internet, random people I meet every day; it’s very hard to narrow it down.

It’s not really a quote, but there’s a graphic I found once that I really like to keep in mind:

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Our home is definitely a creative space that’s constantly changing. I’m originally from Australia, so moving to Canada and experiencing a long, grey winter has made me really love color. I try to have bright colors everywhere in our home to make up for the absence of blue sky.

Share an anecdote about your relationship with your pet.

When my boyfriend finally agreed to us getting a dog, there was one very strict rule: Joey was not allowed to sleep in our bed. Six months later and she’s slept in our bed every night. She has the cutest little sleepy look and you just can’t move her when she’s snug under the covers. I’ve promised him that she is going to sleep in her crate though…. Just not tonight.

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