10 Reasons Frenchies Are the Perfect Dog

A case for naming Frenchies the best breed

By Leslie Phelan


Quick history lesson: French Bulldogs, or ‘Frenchies’ are a breed that actually originated in Britain but were brought to France after the industrial revolution.  Their unique look is what happens when you breed British Bulldogs with Pugs and terriers; they were considered the inferior Bulldog back home, but when they arrived upon the French shores of Normandy, the locals were besotted at first sight. Bouledogues Francaises they were affectionately dubbed, and that is why we now call them Frenchies.

For real, though, one must agree that the French aren’t often wrong when it comes to style and all things classically attractive. Look at their haute couture, their leather goods, their fragrances, wines, and their elegant cuisine. If there is one thing they have, it is taste. So it comes as no surprise that their preference for Frenchies is what first popularized the breed.

Behold! The ten reasons why Frenchies are the absolute perfect dog:

1. They’re not too small

In the grand scheme of things, yes, they are still considered ‘small’ dogs. They only stand about a foot tall, but it’s a solid foot; you don’t have to worry about them getting stepped on in the street or crushing them in your bed if you roll over. No hawk or turkey vulture could easily pluck them from your yard and they are big enough to fend for themselves at the park. They aren’t purse dogs, but they are perfect lap dogs, and are big enough to take a proper bear hug!

2. They’re not too big

trotter-instagram-sonya-yu-2They don’t take up too much room on the couch or in the car and they aren’t intimidatingly large to other dogs, making them a nice, neutral entity wherever you take them. They have all the wrinkly, portly glory of a bulldog with less than half the heft and about a quarter of the drool. And if they come running at your legs, there is less of a chance they’ll take out your knees when they crash into you.

3. They have bat ears

Awesome, giant bat ears that are like a pair of silky-smooth satellites protruding from their heads. Frenchie ears never flap down; they are always up, poised to listen (or not listen) as it suits them. I always think of Lilo & Stitch when I look at them, ‘cause they bear an uncanny resemblance to the ears on that adorable little blue alien. They are basically aliens. Look one square in the face and tell me different!

4. 333715085_708cdc5491They have Koala bums

Enough said.

5. They are quiet

They snort all day and definitely snore all night, but they are never, ever yappy. Frenchies are mellow and chill, with seemingly two modes: dog-park energy, and lazy-time cuddly. Indoors, they only use their indoor voices, with the odd meow-sounding yawn here and there. In the park, they still hardly bark, except for the odd exclamation yelp. Rest assured that a dog like this will never add to the pain of your hangover migraine.

6. They love to stroll

Frenchies can go on leisurely walks with you all day, so long as it isn’t oppressively hot out! Or oppressively cold . . . it’s worth mentioning that they dislike extremes. But on mild days with comfortable temperatures, they love to sniff around and check the world out, always glad to be outdoors and socializing.

7. They’re great condo dogs

Some breeds are so high-energy that they either need to be taken out several times a day, or given a big yard to roam. And while Frenchies enjoy activity, they aren’t the type to beg you for it, and are less likely to go stir crazy if they don’t get enough. They are the perfect level of sloth; a breed that will meet you nicely on those days when you’d rather hole up indoors and binge-watch Netflix for hours.


8. They’re exceptionally great with kids

Their gentle nature and soft approach make them ideal pets to have when expanding your family, as they are drawn to innocent little people. They have unlimited cuddles to share, and love to unload them on anyone who sleeps as much as they do.

9. They’re superbly photogenic

Come on . . . have you ever seen an unflattering Frenchie pic? I’m guessing not, even when it comes to silly pics where someone has dressed their Frenchie up to look ridiculously gangster. Of course, all dogs are beautiful, but just ask the internet – in this day and age, we dare say Frenchies take the most priceless pics.

10. They won’t steal your food

Maybe they’re just well-disciplined, or maybe they’re simply not interested in anything that isn’t directly and conveniently handed to them. Either way, your food is safe from Frenchies, which is a definite a plus in a world full of toxic food hazards for dogs.