Jon Corbin

Video production & Belly rubs

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


There’s something to be said for starting you own company while still in your twenties. The determination and work ethic is admirable at the least and downright mystifying for the greater portion of the population. Corbin Visual, the company that cut its teeth with custom bar mitzvah videos and has since grown into a full service video production agency in downtown Toronto has one of these unicorn type young creative directors at its helm. Jon Corbin graduated with an arts degree and just sort of knew he had an eye for capturing video and it was a much-needed service within a ballooning market in demand of visual content. To keep him grounded (and make sure he takes a break), Corbin got an overly adorable pooch with his girlfriend Kayla and the rest is history. If there were ever a dog lover out there that might just marry his pooch the day it becomes legal, Jon Corbin would probably be that guy.

Tell us about yourself:

I’m a creative video and film producer, working with business and advertising agencies to bring their products and services to life in unique and engaging ways. Everyday I’m challenged to balance the latest and greatest video technologies with WOW-worthy ideas. I also love the rush of delivering a finished product, and the reaction it elicits.


A bit about your pet:

Belly is a purebred Havanese. Through friends, we learned about a breeder in Alberta who was retiring BIMG_1761elly, and she needed to find a good home for her. Belly was already 2 years old and the mother of two litters. Before she arrived in Toronto with her breeder, we had only met her via Skype.  I remember watching her bounce around her Alberta home and diving into the pillows.

Belly is excitable, loving, loyal and an absolute model pet (we think at least)! She loves to go for long walks, and she’s a total party animal too. But the minute the lights go out, she dives into bed and rolls over for her mandatory evening ‘Belly’ rub. Once satisfied, she rolls over and nestles up to either myself or my beautiful girlfriend Kayla, and gets her beauty sleep. She has the perfect balance of energy and cuddliness and can turn off like a light when things are calm.

What’s your ideal weekend look like?

Spring-Fall weekends are spent at a park close by, throwing toys for Belly. When we have enough time, we like to take her to the beach for off-leash dog park walks.

When it’s just Kayla and I, we really enjoy seeing movies and going out for Neapolitan Pizza. To be honest, I’m rarely completely unplugged from my work over the weekend, but I love what I do, and having Belly at work with me makes it all the more enjoyable.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who find success while being authentic. I feel that long term happiness–both personal and professional–hinges on finding the right balance of both, and being the best version of yourself.


Describe your office style:

Our Liberty Village production studio has that classic, hardwood floor, exposed-piping look and feel; funky sophistication. We also decorate our office with lots of unique items and artwork that has special meaning. When guests or clients visit, we like sharing stories about those items – it helps them get to know us better. It’s important for everyone to have a personal connection to certain things in the office. I want it to feel like THEIR home too.

A relationship-defining pet story:

Relaxing at home one evening, Belly got excited and started to bounce around the room. I was busy doing some light work and when she bounced up again, spilling a drink onto my work and clothes, I got really frustrated and yelled at her. It was just a knee-jerk reaction to the mess and I felt terrible for having raised my voice at her. Knowing she had messed up, she shuffled, tail down, to the other end of the couch, and lay down, staring at me. I looked at her and said aloud, “Belly, I was really mad at you, but I’m sorry for yelling – I’ll forgive you if I can have a kiss.” Belly then stood up, walked towards me, tail cautiously wagging, and proceeded to wash my face. My girlfriend and I were stunned, and both immediately gave her a huge hug. I know dogs are smarter than WE know, but this was such a ‘human’ moment, and it fundamentally shaped the love we bring to each interaction with Belly.

For video production inquiries, visit Corbin Visual.