Rachelle Letain

The adventures of a graphic designer and Arrow the “Frugston”

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


It might be possible that all Frenchie parents know each other. They’re definitely the dog of the moment and it seems like their owners are all talented, artistic people with an eye for design. Or so we’re led to believe if Rachel Simpson and Vi (dog park friends of our current subject) tell us anything. Rachelle Letain is no exception to our newly made up rule. We’re not entirely sure it’s not a mistake that her outfit and home decor perfectly match her pup’s coloring, but either way it’s great. Though not a pure Frenchie (we’ll let Rachelle explain the “Frugston” title), Arrow has all the fantastic characteristics that make Frenchies the best: Friendly, welcoming, excitable… wait, that’s Rachelle. In any case, we were super happy to get to know this dynamic duo.

Tell us about yourself:

I’m a graphic designer with an illustration background working at a boutique branding studio in the city. My day-to-day work allows me to experiment with a variety of platforms and clients, and the versatility is something I truly love. In the evenings, I do freelance illustration and design work, in addition to dreaming up new and independent projects to keep me creatively fueled.


A bit about your pet:

Arrow is what I affectionately call a ‘party mix’ — she’s part french bulldog, pug, and boston terrier. My boyfriend and I jokingly try and come up with breed names that encapsulate all three (‘Frugston’ is the best we’ve come up with). I have been a long time lover of all three breeds because of their friendly and silly dispositions, not to mention the high adorability factor of wrinkly, squishy faces. We got Arrow after going through the painful experience of having to pass up a purebred french bulldog puppy we had reserved (due to the puppy’s unstable health condition). Arrow came from an amazing family located in Hillsdale, ON. Her parents – Tinsley and Mugs – are well-loved and very spoiled pets. It was a great experience overall, so much so that we actually still keep in touch with the family.

Arrow is the friendliest and most comedic dog I have ever met. She’s full of hilarious little quirks, like her ‘army crawl’ — a stomach-to-the-ground crawl she does when she’s super happy (typically this is when her collar and harness have been taken off post-walk). She’s a ball of energetic personality that people just tend to fall in love with.

What’s your ideal weekend look like? IMG_2149

Right now, because it’s winter, an ideal weekend starts with coffee and a light breakfast with my boyfriend, Mat, at one of our favorite local spots, Sud Forno. And if we haven’t already been to the dog park, then a trip with Arrow to High Park is always a great adventure. Afterwards I might meet up with a friend for tea, scones and jam at Kitten and The Bear, browse the pretty plants at Crown Flora, or stay in and sketch. Dinner and drinks with friends at our place is always a great end to the day.

Describe your style:

Layered, modern, minimalist.

What inspires you?

I never know where inspiration will strike; it’s hard to predict. Most commonly I tend to find inspiration through travel, friends and family, Instagram, and Pinterest.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Mid-century modern inspired, graphic, with pops of bright color.

A relationship-defining pet story:

I am fortunate to be able to bring Arrow to work with me several times a week. She’s the star of the show with my co-workers and does little more than show up and get a lot of love from just about everyone. She’s usually pretty distracted/preoccupied with charming everyone at the studio, or ‘talking’ to dogs outside the main studio window and so most days she actually spends very little time with me. It melts my heart though when she decides it’s time to check in with me and will scratch at my leg once or twice — a sign that she wants to be lifted up to sit in my lap. It’s usually at these times that she proceeds to burrow into the nook of my arm and take a little nap. I like to think that Arrow sees me as a comforting little piece of home, wherever we are. Who knows if this is the actual case — she might just be looking for a warm lap, but I’ll take what I can get!

Stay connected with Rachelle on Instgram @rachleta 

And this adventurous Frugston: @theadventuresofarrow