The 10 Worst Things Dogs Do That We Forgive Them For

Things we train our dogs not to do that we love them for anyways

By Jon Nelson


1. Chewing shoes

Classic dog move. Soft, supple leather is just irresistible – that’s why you bought them in the first place. So you can’t really fault your dog for wanting to put them in their mouth. Plus, before they’re trained, if your shoes aren’t up high it’s sort of your fault.

2. Sleeping in your bed

Your bed is bigger, softer, and warmer than anywhere else in the house! You can try to get your pooch to sleep in that expensive horse hair-stuffed dog bed, but those eyes peering at you over the edge of the mattress and the super fun cuddles in the morning got them their initial permission to jump up and they’re not going back to their bed easily.

f3b23d3b91fd2ca6d299cb8f97d55a6b3. Eating poopsicles

Gobbling up these frozen winter treats is the most disgusting habit a dog can have, yet a short scolding later and they’re right back at the forefront of your heart.

4. Pulling on the leash

“Heel” isn’t so hard to teach, but it’s easy to see why they pull anyways. Dogs think they’re leading you to the park and it’s understandable that they want to get there faster. Playtime is the best time.

5. Chasing squirrels

That dog instinct is good to see, really. As long as they’re not running into traffic and the squirrel gets away, there’s really no harm. And if the squirrel doesn’t get away, it’s gross and sad, but aren’t you sort of proud?

6. Drinking out of the toilet

The water’s colder in there and it’s one big bowl. Can’t really blame ‘em.

7. Jumping up

Muddy paws aside, it’s kind of awesome your dog loves you so much that they just want to get closer to you. Train them quickly not to jump on strangers and kids though. Strangers don’t need to love and forgive your dog.

32e9175c16156dbbf09271d76463824b8. Begging for food

First, they’re called “puppy eyes” for a reason and even if you don’t like their begging, you know you love those eyes. Second, you get to eat whenever you feel like it. Probably seems a bit unfair in their (puppy) eyes?

9. Rolling in puddles

Probably the most troublesome thing a dog can do, because cleaning that furry coat is really time-consuming. But man, that must feel great for them, right?

10. Barking

If someone’s at the door, they’re barking to warn you – it’s a natural instinct to protect the pack – and they love you, you sexy pack leader. Other reasons include play and excitement and you’re just so fun and exciting to play with!