James & Sarah

Writing the law for home decor and adorable puppy rearing

By the Get Leashed Dogy Style team


James and Sarah, a lawyer couple in Toronto, have created the most modern, nature inspired, beautiful cottage-like home we’ve come across at Get Leashed. Their pup, Olive, a seven-month-old Boston terrier, is feisty and energetic with a cuddly, sweet side – the perfect mix. She’s capable of donning adorable puppy eyes with the best of them and after expelling some initial over-excitement at guests, becomes just as warm and charming as her parents – happy to spend an hour with us on a Sunday afternoon.

Tell us about yourselves:IMG_0255

We’re a lawyer couple. Sarah practices family law at a law firm downtown. James is a civil litigator who has his own law firm and who spends a lot of his time protecting his clients against cyber-attacks or illegal downloading and piracy of their original, creative works. We both love how interesting and dynamic our day-to-day work life is.

James is also involved in the local restaurant scene and has a stake in a few restaurants and bars around town.

A bit about your pet:

Our puppy’s name is Olive. She’s a 7-month old Boston Terrier. We both wanted a dog for a long time so we dog-sat for a lot of our friends to test out dog ownership and to make sure it was something we had enough time for. One of our favorite dogs that we sat for was a Boston mix and we realized how much we loved the breed’s hilarious and quirky personalities and adorable squishy faces. What Bostons lack in size, they more than make up for in personality – Olive is a total character.

Olive’s two favorite toys are a “Chanel” bag and a faux cigar – which suits us perfectly!

What does your ideal weekend look like?

If we are in the city for the weekend, we love to take Olive for long walks through the Rosedale ravine trails. Then we might walk to The Brickworks to pick up coffees and check out the farmer’s market. Olive likes to spend the rest of the day napping or chewing bones at home, then maybe go for a late afternoon jog with James.

When we aren’t in the city we’re usually up at our cottage. We got Olive last fall, so she hasn’t experienced a Muskoka summer yet. We think she is going to love the cottage, and we are hoping she likes to swim. Maybe we can train her to bring cocktails down to the dock?


Describe your personal style:

Clean and minimal. Less is more! We both like classic clothes in neutral colors – we wear a lot of black.  And great shoes are a must!

What inspires you?

Every day is another chance to do something great.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Our home is best described as “modern rustic.” It is a very unique space. It is a converted former stable that has a lot of natural and rustic design elements. We both love modern furniture and design and have incorporated that into our home.

A relationship-defining pet story:

Olive has us both wrapped pretty tightly around her paw – we spoil her a lot more than we had anticipated! When we first got her, we both agreed that she would not sleep in our bed. Five months later she has somehow gone from sleeping in her crate, to sleeping at the foot of our bed on top of the covers, to sleeping underneath our duvet with her head on our pillows. She snores loudly, hogs the covers, and shuffles around at night, which can be really disruptive–but we don’t have the hearts to kick her out. When the alarm goes off in the morning, she sighs very loudly because she doesn’t want to get up yet. It’s pretty adorable.