Get Leashed Readers Save 10% on Petcube!

Get Leashed & World of Angus welcome Petcube to Canada with a special offer



World of Angus is excited to launch Petcube in Canada and we’ve teamed up with them to get you 10% off your pre-order by using the code GetLeashed10!


Recently, Petcube had its third birthday and we couldn’t be happier for this marvelous device and the pet lovers behind it.

We all hate the guilt of leaving our pets at home, but Petcube has flipped the script, making it possible to monitor your pets and stay connected throughout the day. Use your smartphone to watch, talk, and play a laser catch game with your pets, plus share access with friends and family. Your pet will never be alone again!


Just head over to World of Angus and use the code GetLeashed10 when pre-ordering to take advantage of this offer!

Click here to pre-order Petcube now!

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