7 Secrets We Only Tell Our Dogs

Some things are easier to tell our dogs than anyone else

By Jon Nelson

Everyone knows that a dog is the best listener around. You can tell your dog anything and they won’t judge. Plus, they’re amazing at keeping secrets. If there’s something important you need to tell someone in your life, practicing on your dog first is always the way to go. Here are seven things that are way easier to tell your dog than anyone else.

1. You’re in love

As a kid with a crush or an adult falling hard for someone, admitting it to your dog before you admit it to the person you love is so much easier to do.

2. You hate your job

Had a hard day at work? There’s one friend that will understand. You can keep a brave face on for your friends and family, making them think your job is the coolest in the world, but with your dog, you can hate your boss, your coworkers, and everything about the 9-5.

3. Chick flicks make you cry Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.22.34 AM

Don’t feel bad about balling your eyes out through The Notebook, your dog will just lick those salty tears away. Mostly because the salt is delicious, but also because they really get it.

4. You wish you had all new friends

When you start to realize your high school friends just keep doing the same boring things and talking about all the same stupid nonsense, your dog is the first to find out that you think they suck.

5. You want to end your boring relationship

Psyching yourself up to get out of something that isn’t fulfilling your fantasies and desires can take some practice. Breaking up with your dog is easier than you think — they’ll always take you back when you’re done practicing.

6. You hate going out

All your friends are out partying tonight, but you just want to put on your track suit and run a Netflix marathon. Go ahead and tell everyone you’re under the weather; your dog knows what’s really going on. And he’ll be right there on the couch with you.

7. You really want to stop wearing clothes forever

This one’s sort of ridiculous, but when you decide to walk around your house without clothes on and nobody’s home to notice but your dog, only he knows you wish you never had to get dressed again.