Social Pets – @ToastMeetsWorld

The King of Instagram has a princess and her name is Toast!

By Patrick Cullen


Toast is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel belonging to John Ostrovsky, better known by his social media moniker, “The Fat Jew.”  This adorable pup is riding her owner’s fame to a reputation, specifically in fashion, that could rival that of The Menswear Dog. While Bodhi (Menswear Dog) gets by on his undeniable good looks, Toast has built a reputation on her adorable tongue and floppy ears – traits that Karen Walker thought worked perfectly for her summer 2015 eyewear campaign. Toast and her lazy tongue seem to be exactly what hipster fashionistas everywhere were waiting for.

The Fat Jew is just the right amount of strange for people to love. Undeniably, he’s also a good guy and lends his influence to raise awareness on the inhumane treatment taking place in puppy mills (Toast is also a rescue) by supporting Amanda Hearst’s charity, Friends of Finn. The Fat Jewish Instagram account is incredibly popular, boasting over 3million followers. What started as a place to post laughable memes poking fun at pop culture has turned into a phenomenon and full time job for Ostrovsky.

Toast herself has an Instagram that has amassed over 200K followers. It seems as though the world can’t get enough of these two laughable goofballs. While Fat Jew continues his ascension into superstardom, Toast is right behind him, nipping (or licking) at his heels.