Mitchell & Josue

Fine coffee, antiques and getting to know Charlie Brown’s parents

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


Every time we walk into a home with a Boston Terrier, there’s an energetic greeting and a warm, friendly atmosphere created by the pooch’s owners but enhanced by the dog himself.

We found Charlie Brown on Instagram where his smiling face has gained him thousands of followers. His mission is simple: Wish everyone a nice day and make them feel great. This is something he obviously learned from his parents. They’re pretty great and in a space filled with salvaged antique furniture that Mitchell makes himself, you end up feeling right at home.

Tell us about yourself:

I can honestly say that I love every aspect of my job. I get to hunt for old antique furniture and then bring pieces home and transform them into something new and exciting, all while striving to keep the beautiful antique qualities the pieces once possessed. I also build custom, reclaimed furniture. Anything from coffee tables, trunks, benches – you name it. Everyday is something different, and no piece is ever the same. It’s really a labor of love and passion. I also get to work from home most of the time, so my pup is always by my side.


A bit about your pet:

Our dog’s name is Charlie Brown and he is a 7 month-old Boston Terrier. We decided to get a Boston Terrier because they are really funny, affectionate and energetic dogs. They love to be around people, and they are really friendly. We found a lot of Boston Terriers on Instagram before deciding to get one, and the pictures really convinced us. They seemed like the funniest little dogs, and so full of life! We couldn’t be happier with our decision.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Our ideal weekend usually starts off with a long dog-park trip with Charlie, and then having friends over for lunch/dinner. We love to cook and Charlie will just hang around the kitchen waiting for anything to fall off the counter. He loves people, so any time we host, he goes absolutely crazy and gets spoiled with attention.

Describe your personal style:

I guess my style kind of depends on my mood most of the time. I tend to love anything fun, casual and colorful.

What inspires you?

So many things inspire me everyday. People who follow their passion and pursue something they love is very inspiring, especially in a big and busy city like Toronto. Many forms of art also inspire me on different levels, as well as eccentric colors, shapes, antiques and reclaimed wood.

How would you describe the style of your home?

Definitely cozy and inviting. Lots of plants, colors, and photographs. Most of the pieces were hand-made by us, which gives it a nice personal touch. It makes us happy.


A relationship-defining pet story:

When we first brought Charlie home, he was so tiny and he always wanted to be curled up around our necks. It was so cute. We let him sleep in bed with us and he would just crawl right up to us and sleep right in the middle of our pillows. Fast-forward to now, he hasn’t changed at all. He still needs to sleep right on us, cuddled up and right in the middle. It’s so funny and way too cute. Our bed is his bed.

We were also really scared of crate-training him when we first got him, but also really scared that he would destroy our home when we were gone. After hearing advice from other dog-owners, they strongly recommended crate-training. We bought one and tried literally only one time and just couldn’t handle it – we are totally suckers. He cried and we said “That’s it, we can’t do this.” We took the risk and let him loose in our home (but just safe-proofed everything), and he never did any damage (and still never has). We can really trust him, he’s the best.