8 Best Dreams a Dog Can Have

From everlasting tummy rubs to the world’s biggest toilet

By Jon Nelson


1. Running in a never-ending field of edible flowers that smell like sausage

That feeling of freedom you get when you hit an open highway is the same feeling your pup gets when you take him off the leash at the dog park. Now imagine the dog park is full of edible flowers (that smell like sausage), has no fencing, and goes on forever.

 2. Meeting Shaquille O’Neil

To hump one of his legs, obviously – so much leg!

3. Sticking your head out of the car window and the whole world smells like dog butts

Sometimes, when you’re a dog and your head’s out of the car window, you might get really lucky and smell another dog’s butt. In this dream though, it’s just one butt after another.

4. Eating from the table

Like it ain’t no thang, there’s a place set for them and all the people food they’ve ever desired.

5. Drinking from the world’s biggest toiletScreen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.53.54 AM

We picture this to be one of those fountains in a city square but instead of being made of concrete with a statue in the middle, it’s made of porcelain and full of nothing but cool, delicious toilet water.

6. Riding in the front seat

The car’s not heading to the vet, that’s for sure. It’s driving to a park full of mud puddles made of peanut butter and tennis balls as far as the eye can see.

7. A gauntlet of fire hydrants

There are 1,000 fire hydrants and they all need to be marked – hooray!

8. The never-ending tummy rubs

Maybe there are 100 people with 200 hands all willing to give tummy rubs, or maybe there’s a giant robot manufactured solely for giving the perfect tummy rubs, but in any case, they’re happening non-stop in this dream.