Jeff Forrest

The founder of Stacklab & his Great Dane puppy

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


After almost a year of doggy style shoots, this was our first with a Great Dane and needless to say, we were excited. Everybody has stopped on the street to admire a Great Dane at one time or another. They’re stoic animals known for their patience with children and they’re wonderfully beautiful to look at. As puppies, they’re only slightly more excitable than their adult counterparts, are brilliant, quick learners, have the softest ears in the dog world, and of course, massive paws – the true sign of a dog’s size-to-be.

Jeff Forrest outlines why he chose a Great Dane in his answers below, but we’ll preemptively agree that Charles fits perfectly with Jeff’s lifestyle, home and company’s studio space. We can’t express our admiration of STACKLAB and their work enough, but Jeff has the words that best describe what they do, so we’ll leave it to him to fill you in.

Tell us about yourself:

I co-own and operate a multi-disciplinary design and fabrication studio in Toronto called STACKLAB. We focus on special, heirloom-quality work and developing innovative material processes. I love making things and bringing good people together to create interesting spaces. I am focused on growing the business right now, so most of my day is split between meetings with our staff, our collaborators and our clients.


A bit about your pet:

My pup is called Charles and he is a 16 week-old Great Dane. Charles is a great way to stay grounded amidst the chaos. He’s with us all day in the studio and comes with me almost everywhere. The decision to get a Dane is no surprise if you look at our work: we are fans of big, elegant and beautiful. These dogs are like hand-carved statues. And their demeanor is ideal for studio life. They are extremely calm, and seem wise beyond their years. Charles is a cool guy, period.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Motorcycles, movies, brunch, crosswords, running on the Leslie spit, a bike ride across town, hosting friends for drinks. Try a new restaurant, call my family in Calgary to catch up. Ideally weekends are spent with charming friends and a puppy dog in tow.

Describe your personal style:

A modest, quality collection of basics.

What inspires you?


A perfect blend of my parents and my peers. I get inspired by people who have the mustard to think big and hold themselves to the highest standards of practice.

How would you describe the look and feel Stacklab?

Our studio is a working space and a showroom. There are prototypes and finished pieces throughout. We exhibit our own work, as well as the work of our collaborating partners. The work is very unique and tastefully pushes design boundaries. We want the space to feel like a hub of activity – a place that attracts visionary patrons and encourages great talents.

A relationship-defining pet story:

When I picked Charles up from the breeder, he was the last of the litter to leave. He was quite attached and looked terrified. He was wiggling and wouldn’t settle down when I got him into the car. Finally, when I started the car up, my Bluetooth kicked in and started playing “How can you mend a broken heart?” by Al Green. Charles conceded with a pretty sweet look and crawled onto my lap. We hugged for the rest of the ride home and that was it. Friends for life.

Header image:
american elm slabs – STACKLAB
Chair 1.5 – STACKLAB
Sofa prototype- Vogel of Canada

Body image of Charles:
Sadl Stools – LMBRJK