Get Leashed Experiences Cavalia Odysseo

And we’re still lost in a world of dreams and fantasies

By Jon Nelson


Get Leashed is primarily focused around dogs and cats, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love horses. We’re animal people above all, which means if there’s a cool turtle out there, we’re ready to feature it. And horses? We first fell in love with the equestrian life when we visited Melissa Grelo on her family’s farm. How can we not love theses majestic, brilliantly talented creatures? But if our perception of horses was high going into Cavalia Odysseo, now it’s through the roof (of a giant, 38 meter tall White Big Top tent).

The show is mesmerizing. Live musicians play from the rafters while a team of African acrobats performs unimaginable, athletic feats. Seventy horses and fourteen different breeds make an appearance with over twenty different riders creating a magical montage of riding triumphs. Cavalia Odysseo is indeed a world of dreams and fantasies, cascading through a wonderful variety of interactions between humans and horses. At times it’s fast paced and heart-stopping in its daring stunts, at others it puts a whimsical trance on the audience with its calming beauty. Needless to say, we fell in love.

There’s not much else to say that can do the show justice. Have a look at some of our favorite images below and be sure to visit the Cavalia Odysseo website to find the tour schedule and purchase tickets for your hometown!