Social Pets – @TheRealWacha

Adopted pup @TheRealWacha gets a second chance with Andy Cohen as a pop!

By Patrick Cullen


There are probably a few names that come to mind before Wacha Cohen (@therealwacha) when thinking about famous dogs. After all, Wacha only has 128k followers, a number that seems pretty impressive until you consider the massive counts boasted by A-list pooches like Maru Taro (@marutaro) and Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart), who can claim 460k and 403k followers respectively. But make no mistake; while those two celebri-pups have long held the throne sought by dogs with a lesser following, Wacha is gaining ground fast. It certainly helps that Wacha’s owner is none other than Andy Cohen, the charming host of Bravo’s Watch What Happens: Live. However, while Cohen’s charisma certainly gives the pup a leg up, it is Wacha’s inspirational story that draws the most attention to the lovable beagle-foxhound mix. The same dog who was given the InStyle Social Media Award for Most Stylish Pet last November was housed in a high kill shelter in West Virginia just a month prior. As dog and celebrity-pairing fate would have it, Cohen rescued the cute pup through the organization See Spot Rescued, naming him Wacha after St. Louis Cardinals’ star arm, Michael Wacha.

Since his rescue, Wacha has had to adjust to fame, appearing on Cohen’s show to play a part in a Taken parody with Liam Neeson, and even being pictured on the cover of Cohen’s book, The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year. We look forward to seeing Wacha grow in popularity while he sheds his painful past, becoming an inspiration for fashion and dog-lovers of all stripes.