7 Reasons Sex Is in the Air This Spring

It’s all showers, flowers, sunshine and libidos this season!

By Leslie Phelan


Ahh, Springtime

Is there any other time of year like it? Once again, the meet market that is the dog park is back in full swing, and we are all experiencing that innate seasonal sense best conveyed through a line from that old Lord Tennyson poem:

“In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish’d dove;
In the Spring, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”

Translation: Springtime makes people horny.

But, why does springtime make people horny? What is it about this season that gets our engines revving?

Here are 7 postulations:

1. Women’s bodies are suddenly visible

No longer are we hidden under a hundred layers of frumpy knitwear; you can now tell that we are, in fact, female! Cleavage and legs come out of hibernation! And whether we are showing off the body we’ve been working on since New Year’s, or gingerly stepping out in the body we’ve been feeding liberal amounts of poutine to all winter, the point is, skin’s out, which means game on.

2.It’s patio weather

No longer are we rushing home after work to get back into our cozies to hibernate with Netflix until the morning. Any day of the week that boasts even the slightest bit of sunshine is a perfect day to grab the pooch and meet friends for alfresco drinks and BBQ. All that patio time leads to extra drinking, which leads to sexy thoughts and lowered inhibitions.

3. Everyone is being active again

Photo credit: Kellie Kano

Photo credit: Kellie Kano

We’re running again! We’re cycling to work! We’re taking longer-than-normal dog walks! Biology says that the endorphin spike from exercise make us feel healthy, which inevitably leads to making us feel frisky. Also, the subtle hormones we release when we sweat float upon the air until they’re under the noses of those with whom we are chemically compatible, causing instant attraction and the need to swap numbers… or more!

4. Vitamin D & testosterone levels

As you spend more and more time soaking up the Vitamin D, you’ll feel a libido increase due to testosterone levels being stimulated. This change is especially evident in men. They get a little bit bolder and act a little more robust; hot-blooded women can’t help but take notice.

5. Spring is just romantic

Okay, all that randy, animalistic stuff aside, the sight and smell of flowers blossoming puts everyone in the mood to fall in love. You want someone’s hand to hold while strolling around on balmy nights, and someone sweet to kiss while the soft spring rain breathes life into the gardens of the city.

6. Old crushes come out

You thought about him all winter, wondering if the 70’s porn-star Movember he was rocking the last time you saw him had grown into a stately and respectable beard during the colder months. You glanced around for him on those quick, sub-zero park trips, but to no avail. He is back out now, though! And you’ve never been more ready to ask him if he has an extra poop bag, because you ‘forgot’ to bring one.

7. Those who consider YOU an old crush, also come out

For every person who pines, there is a person who is pining for him or her. And if your secret admirer makes their move, you might just be feeling fresh and fabulous enough to say ‘yes;’ not necessarily because you’re interested, but because it ‘could be fun’ and ‘why not’. And unless they’re a total mutant, you might even find yourself getting it on with them, ‘cause ‘whatever’ and ‘meh, I’m single’. #springtime