Brock & Jennifer

Cool kid culture with Hank Mardukas’ best friends

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

There’s not many things better in the world than meeting a puppy. Their excitability is infectious and for a minute, when it’s your hand the puppy’s gnawing on and all the attention’s on you, you feel like you’re the best person in the world. Aside from being really good at giving that special brand of puppy love, Brock and Jennifer’s pup, Hank Mardukas, has one of the best dog names we’ve come across whether you’re into obscure pop culture references or not. Picking a dog’s name means you get to choose your best friend’s name, so it makes sense that they went with one inspired by the ultimate buddy movie.

Brock and Jennifer’s name-picking skills are a reflection of their general awesomeness. To say they’re a good time is an understatement. Fun things pack their downtown apartment and when you spend an hour with them, you’re left thinking it might be nice to spend a few more.

We’ll leave it to Jennifer to let you in on a bit more about life with their new puppy…

Tell us about yourself:

Brock and I have very different jobs – Brock is a digital strategist at Herscu & Goldsilver PR, a lifestyle blogger ( and a talent manager for The Luke Austin Band. I am a resource development director at a non-profit called the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work here in Toronto. We both have great jobs that keep us busy and challenged. The best part of my day is definitely first thing in the morning – Brock and I get up and walk the dog to his office downtown together. It’s fun to take that time to chat and just hang out together.


A bit about your pet:

Hank is a mystery mutt – we don’t know what his parents are, or much about his history, so we’re just guessing based on his looks. We call him a weiner-pug because he’s long with stumpy legs and huge feet.

We both wanted a dog, and Hank needed a home; it was just great timing. Plus, once we saw him there was no turning back, he’s just too cute! Hank’s personality is a perfect fit for both of us – he loves attention, loves people, loves everything and everyone! He’s either playing or sleeping

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Sometimes the ideal weekend is just staying home and relaxing, but we usually go out with some of our friends or to see the band play. The nice weather is going to bring us back to patios whenever we can!

Describe your personal style:

(Jennifer) Simple – Brock and I both wear a lot of dark colours, simple looks, nothing that colorful or flashy. But great shoes and accessories are a must!

What inspires you?

(Jennifer) Brock’s biggest inspiration is his mother–well her and Spider-Man.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Bipolar! Our place is a split between simple, classic pieces that are mostly leather and wood, and toys!


Please share a relationship-defining pet story:

Every time we take the dog out together it’s a struggle – he’s such an attention-grabbing dog that everyone stops to pet him! But walking him together has been great – Brock and I make each other laugh, keep one another enjoying him and the experience of having a puppy, and keep each other’s frustration levels down. I couldn’t do it without Brock, he’s always able to make me smile and just keep enjoying things.