Spotted by Get Leashed

Get Leashed drops in on Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto

By the Get Leashed street team


Sometimes we roll out to a park and snap pictures of people enjoying the day with their dogs. As spring is finally starting to show its sunny face in our hometown (Toronto), we were inclined to start this tradition again. There’s no better park in this city than Trinity Bellwoods. Sure, there’s contenders – High Park for its off-leash trails and scenery, Cedarvale Ravine for being a tucked away gem of an extended hike, Brickworks because, well, it’s gorgeous. But for an immediate breath of fresh park relaxation (trees and grass, yes, but also overlooked beers and good looking people) plus an off leash run for your city dog, Bellwoods has everything your heart desires.

Dog owners act like they didn’t think about their dog-walking outfits before stepping out and maybe some genuinely didn’t, but most of us know that a park hang with a dog is just as social for people as it is for dogs. So yes, we might be that dog magazine exploiting a cool thing to do on a sunny afternoon, but being photo ready is more ingrained in a dog owner’s mind than anyone wants to admit, so it wasn’t hard to find some hip looking people with even hipper dogs.

Here are some of the people we spotted this month. Thanks for showing off your dogs, folks!

Look out for Get Leashed at a park near you.