Jeffrey & Lucia

A dog day at the Arts & Crafts office

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


There might not be a couple more involved in their local art scene than Jeffrey Remedios and Lucia Graca. Jeffrey runs the music label, Arts & Crafts, which basically redefined the Canadian indie scene and has been flourishing with incredible musicians since 2003. The talent attached to this music company is unparalleled and as far as up and coming Toronto festivals go, you can’t find a better one to spend a weekend at than Field Trip. If you’re into photography, Lucia’s Analogue Gallery gives you so much more than beautiful work to take in–the rock n’ roll exhibits tell stories of musical legends old and new.

We were thrilled to be invited into the Arts & Crafts office to take in the relaxed vibe and the best workplace perk–a dog-friendly space. Not only did we get to hang with Jeffrey and Lucia’s pup, Mr. David Bowie, but we got to meet a couple of other four-legged friends belonging to a list of cool and gracious employees. Staging a dog-business meeting in the conference room proved to be a hectic but super fun task and was just as tough to capture on film as you can imagine (enjoy the pics below).

Jeffrey and Lucia give us the lowdown on their lives and how one dog brings them all the joy you’d expect a four-legged David Bowie could.

Tell us about yourself:

Lucia: I am a freelance photographer and I own and run Analogue Gallery, where I specialize in iconic rock ‘n roll photography. We’re currently getting ready for our latest exhibit: Women in Rock​, running April 30-June 14 as part of the CONTACT Photography Festival​.

Jeffrey: I run a music company called Arts & Crafts. We’re looking forward to the annual Field Trip Music & Arts Festival​ on June 6­-7 (editors note: the lineup this year is amazing)​.

A bit about your pet:

His name is Mr. David Bowie. He is a lab­-mastiff mix–sometimes called a ‘mastador,’ which we think sounds pretty cool.


What does your ideal weekend look like?

Most weekends start with a dog walk in Trinity Bellwoods Park, via Lucky Penny, our local coffee shop and basically the source of all things lovely and delicious. In the evening we try to discover some new and amazing restaurants. There are so many popping up all around us these days. Then we usually end up at a gig…

Describe your personal style:

Lucia: My style is a strange mix of rocker, classic and boho and is always evolving. Most days you’ll find me in skinny jeans, a tee-shirt and a wide brimmed hat.

Jeffrey: Dressed up for the boardroom while dressed down for the gig. Tension that flows. Also always evolving.

What inspires you?

We’re both entrepreneurs and can­-do dreamers. We love people and stories that involve jumping before the net appears. Unrelated, I (Jeffrey) might also have a mild obsession with Roger Federer.

How would you describe the look and feel of your workplace?IMG_0444

Jeffrey: My office really is my home away from home. It’s a clubhouse. We listen to music all day long. There’s always at least one dog in the office–usually Cooper but also Maisey and Bowie. They remind us to get up from our screens and go for a walk, and they help us finish our lunches, even if we didn’t ask for help…

Lucia: Jeffrey recently renovated his office and he asked me to come in and hang the art, which he probably didn’t realize would end up with me redecorating the whole place. I’m a very visual person, so it meant a lot to me that the art/posters worked in the space, and that the space was comfortable and beautiful to be in. There are lots of little nooks and alcoves with different vibes.

A relationship-­defining pet story:

I don’t know if this is relationship-defining, but Mr. David Bowie definitely defined the house we live in. When we were house hunting we gave our agent a pretty limited neighborhood to look in–basically within a two-­block radius of Trinity Bellwoods Park! I think our agent thought we were crazy, but Bowie was pretty happy about it.

A special thanks to the entire Arts & Crafts office, especially the fine folks who brought their dogs along for the day!