Kirsten Reader’s Spring Style Trends

This season’s top looks with Wardrobe Stylist & Fashion Editor, Kirsten Reader

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


We love when a stylish person’s best accessory is their dog. So we couldn’t help but connect with Kirsten Reader on her top style choices for the season and of course, include her Yorkie, Bailey, in on the fun.

Before we got Kirsten to outline her style choices and where she finds her wardrobe (click on images below for links to buy) we got her to tell us a bit about her adorable pup:

Bailey is an 8 year-old Yorkshire terrier. He is a purebred but he wasn’t from a breeder, he was actually an accident. His dad was due to get fixed, but then he knocked up Bailey’s mom before the appointment. Bailey and I met when he was 5 weeks old. I had actually pre-picked one of his sisters to bring home with me, since I had heard the males were extremely stubborn and tough to train. Yet somehow, when I went to pick up my pup, he was the one who ended up coming home with me. So I like to say that he chose me.

And onto this expert stylist’s 5 looks:

Look 1

Spring is all about layering. When the weather is a bit chilly I love to layer extra jackets over my trench. This season is also all about the return of the flare and fringe. There is just something that always makes me happy about the two. Remember that when wearing a flare they always look better with a platform style shoe.

Look 2

This season I have really fallen in love with minimal looks that have a feel of modern luxury.

Look 3

The menswear trend is still going strong for Spring Summer 2015 and will even be continuing ahead for fall. This shirtdress is a sexy interpretation as it can be worn as a dress with a beautiful heel, casual with a trainer, or as a tunic over pants with a nod to the 70’s revival we are seeing.

Look 4

Jumpsuits and rompers are an amazing stylish go-to when you want to get dressed quick, look great and not put much thought into it. I love seeing them glammed up on the red carpet and at events as well. (Bailey’s Cashmere Skull Sweater is from Holt Renfrew)

Look 5

Maxi dresses and fedoras are two of my biggest fashion obsessions. A great fedora really does change a boring outfit to something fun and let’s be honest a perfect disguise for a bad hair day.