Erin English

Performing, entertaining & beautiful feline rearing

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


Erin English is a maven of style with an instinct for decoration and design. Her place feels like it could be featured in a home decor digest magazine and makes you want to throw your birthday party in her kitchen and have a wedding shower in her living room. Which works perfectly, because Erin is all about making a party pop. From finding the people needed to make an event more lively, to the costumes they wear, Erin’s adept at putting all the pieces together around the entertainment scene. With a new addition to her life in the form of a playful, stunningly beautiful cat, there’s no stopping this girl from going anywhere she wants to.

We’ll let Erin tell you more about herself and the most gorgeous cat we’ve ever seen…

Tell us about yourself:

I am currently a freelance model and I own my own start-up entertainment company, which does a little bit of everything, from booking performers, models, hosts and other entertainers for charity, corporate and private events, to organizing an inventory of creative event costumes, props and other materials. My favorite part of my job is developing themes and costumes ideas and of course performing with my dancers. I love modelling as well and will do it until I cannot anymore! Being behind the camera and on set is an amazing experience and comes naturally.


A bit about your pet:

My kitty’s name is Luna. I’m not sure of her exact breed but from what I researched she is a silver tabby/marble tabby. I have had pets my whole life and haven’t had a little buddy in about 4 years, so I decided it was time to search for a kitten. Luna is very affectionate and loves attention. She likes to play and cuddle. She definitely is my little girly, she follows me everywhere and needs to be involved in everything!

What does your ideal weekend look like?

On weekends my staff is usually working, so I have to manage bookings and organize costumes. When I’m not working, some of my favorite things to do include having dinner and wine with friends or going for brunch at Mitzi’s Café. In the summer I like to go up north to a cottage, go swimming or just go for a walk.


Describe your personal style:

My style really depends on my mood or where I am going, so I don’t really have a specific look as I try to switch it up. I love to add a little bit of leather, some jewellery and some bright colors where I can…so I guess I would say classy/funky?

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

My home isn’t as decorated as I would like it to be, as I have roommates, but I am currently doing some renovations and updates. My accent colors on my main floor are red and zebra-print. I like to mix modern styles with well-worn pieces and colors to make a room pop.

A relationship-defining pet story:

Well I just got Luna at the beginning of March, so we don’t have that many stories yet. She loves to play and warms up to visitors very fast. She loves to crawl on my head in the morning and purr in my ear. I am sure we will have many more stories to come as she has quite the little personality!