Life of Vi: Spring – New Beginnings

Violet bids Winter farewell

By Rachel Simpson


Winter seems to get longer every year, and while she doesn’t have to slog through the snow to get to her 9-5, and she doesn’t see her social life shrivel up on account of the weather, even Violet gets the winter doldrums. But there’s no reason to live in the past with spring finally here! Spring is a time of change, of new beginnings for Vi, who embraces spring with the same gusto she brings to a cracker covered in peanut butter, or an unsuspecting squirrel, or you, even, if you’re looking for a little affection. Here then, is a collection of all things “new” for Vi this spring.



Say it with us people: “No more parkas, no more boots!” Violet isn’t one of those fools who refuses to wear anything but shorts and t-shirts as soon as the mercury kisses 15C, but even she appreciates the chance to wear just one coat. And sometimes, when she’s going somewhere nice, she likes to put on a little more than one coat, especially if that means sporting one of her fabulous scarves or collar and leash sets from her friends at Hound Collection.



Few events in Toronto signal the arrival of spring like the blooming of the cherry blossoms in High Park. That this phenomenon occurs in a such a tiny window—the blossoms are at their thickest and most vibrant for barely three days—only adds to the mania that accompanies their arrival. Violet doesn’t really get it (just look at her expression), you can’t chase cherry blossoms, they don’t make for good eating, and they won’t cuddle you—they are then, in Violet’s world, essentially useless. Still, that the blossoms are here means spring is in the air, and the chance to go for a walk in the park, to unleash a winter’s worth of pent up fury on the squirrels, chipmunks, ducks and geese, is reason enough to celebrate that fleeting blanket of pink.



You never ask a lady about her age, it’s bad form. And you don’t ask a dog about her age…because dog’s can’t speak—what other explanation were you expecting? But while she might not understand it’s her birthday, we celebrate every April 27th with an enthusiasm befitting obsessed owners. There are treats, and candles, party favors, clowns, a petting zoo. Well, no, that’s not entirely true, but we do get Vi some treats and celebrate her and the way she has enriched our lives. Thankfully, she’s gonna live forever so those spring celebrations aren’t going anywhere.



Now that it’s finally nice enough to spend some time outside, Vi can play a little fort in the front yard. Like anyone who really knows how to play fort, Violet knows the best part of the game is defending your little citadel against invaders, imaginary or otherwise. And when you have a fort as amazing as Vi’s you take your defending seriously. Violet’s beautiful fort is a tepee with a matching mat, as graphic in its pattern as Vi herself. This sweet little structure was a gift from our friends Piggy and Polly and can be purchased at Thank you so much, girls!



Those fort skills might come in handy now that Violet has something even more precious to protect. She’s not quite sure what to make of him: he smells strange, he cries, he’s taken her spot in the bed, and has seriously cut into her lap time, but Vi is learning that her little brother is one of us. And Vi takes the concept of “us” to heart. We couldn’t be prouder of how she’s treated the new member of our family, proving yet again she is the perfect angel (in the house). All things considered, it could be worse; I mean, we could’ve brought home a cat.



With the new addition to the household, even Vi knew that flowers were in order on Mother’s Day. The nice thing about flower shopping is that a lot of the stores that sell flowers also sell fruit, and there’s a pretty good chance you can score a berry or two if you keep your nose to the ground. In all seriousness, Mother’s Day has taken on much greater significance in our home this year, and we just want to say congratulations to all the new mom’s out there; whether your baby is canine or human, parenting demands sacrifices you’ve never made before, and for making those sacrifices we salute you.



What cannot be overlooked in any discussion of spring’s merits is the fact that the sun sets later, which means you can go for walks later in the day. When you couple that extended walk time with all the uncharted, “unsniffed’ territory that comes with moving into a new neighborhood, you’re set for adventure. Violet doesn’t need a lot of exercise, but she needs to get out and smell the news, bark at a few skateboards, maybe find an unclaimed ball she can smuggle home and add to the collection. Most of all, she needs some time where she isn’t second fiddle to the baby. When she’s leading us along her new routes, she gets just that.