The Vapours Scooter Club Rallies for Cats & Dogs

Maximum Madness: Fury Rides ’15 in support of the Boneless Project

By Jon Nelson


For the most part, biker gangs get a bad rap for the association of some groups with criminal activity. But The Vapours Scooter Club, based out of British Columbia, takes everything negative pertaining to bikers and flips it on its head. This club is philanthropic, community oriented, and in it for pure fun.

The latest endeavor The Vapours Scooter Club is taking on promises to be a real doozie – a rally for 200+ riders from all over the Pacific Northwest. The event will go down in Victoria, BC this May Long Weekend and is playfully called “Maximum Madness: Fury Rides ’15” (or MM: FR’15). With the re-issue of the Mad Max franchise starring Tom Hardy (dog lover), it’s a perfect time for a scooter club to boost awareness of their charitable efforts by tying their event to this giant, motor-loving movie in theaters this weekend.IMG_345707964724251

This from their co-leader: “The Vapours Scooter Club Hosts & Leads a Post-Apocalyptic Scooter Rally, set in the near future in furthest reaches of the Pacific Northwest on an Island lost at sea. A landscape where humanity is broken, and most everyone is crazed fighting for the necessities of life – Water, Gasoline, & Beer!”

What’s this have to do with pets, you ask? One of the organizations that The Vapours will be donating proceeds to, The Boneless Project, is part of Sooke Area Food & Rescue, a group that gathers Dog & Cat Food for local animal shelters. In addition, they provide cat food to assisted living/retirement centers because cats give so much by way of comfort and love in these places and it’s known that some residents will forgo buying food for themselves to provide food for their pets – a heartbreaking and well-worthy cause to assist in eliminating.

In addition to helping out the Boneless Project, the Vapours’ Friday event and kickoff party is also a fundraiser for Marley, the “3 legged Wonder Dog” of Island BMW Motorrad. The store mascot brings a lot of joy to everyone that knows him but sadly his owner and close friend of the Vapours has had to endure a hefty bill for saving Marley’s life in the accident that gave him his name. Case in point, these guys really do all they can to help out everyone in their community.

Here at Get Leashed, we’re thrilled to get behind an event that helps animals and animal-loving people alike, especially when they’re this creative and, well, badass. If you’re in the BC area (or can make the trip) and you’re into riding a scooter, get over to this rally. You’re bound to meet a couple dozen new friends at least!