Ashley Pacht

Get Leashed gets to know this fitness trainer, interior designer, and adorable dog owner

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


Tell us about yourself:

I’ve been fortunate to combine my 2 greatest passions as a career. I am both a certified interior designer and a certified personal trainer. As a designer I’ve enjoyed working as projects as diverse as the top to bottom renovation of a single-family residence to the renovation of a large lobby in a multi-residential high-rise apartment building. As a designer you are effectively hired for your attention to detail as well as your organizational skills. I believe I exude these qualities in my everyday life as well. I rise early on a daily basis and typically begin my day with a light workout usually followed by multiple personal training sessions with clients. Fitness is both a passion and a career for me, having successfully competed as a women’s bodybuilder on a national level. Last fall I was able to achieve a top 5 ranking nationally in my category. To be a successful bodybuilder you need extreme amounts of discipline and personal drive and motivation. I’m able to set my own schedule for the most part affording me the flexibility to keep a healthy balance between my work and personal life. I hope to inspire and encourage others to live healthy and active lifestyles.


A bit about your pet:

Bob is a Brussels Griffon. He is 9 yrs old and a precious little animal with a huge personality! I wanted a dog ‎that was a bit more distinct but at the same time not too high maintenance and easy to travel with for both short and longer trips. I found his breeder on Craigslist and immediately felt a comfort level with her on the phone. Before I knew it I was traveling to a little farm in Missouri to bring him home. He’s an usual looking little guy. He’s often mistaken for a ewok character from Star Wars.

He’s a very stubborn little guy but he’s extremely loving and affectionate and enjoys attention and warmth most of all. In public he’s an angel but at home he barks his dissatisfaction like a dictator so I can’t leave him alone in another room.  I take him almost everywhere I’m allowed and sometimes places he’s not so welcome, hidden out of site in my handbag! He is loyal, proud, intelligent and well behaved. He brings immense amounts of positive energy and comfort to my life.

What’s your ideal weekend look like?

Traditionally, every Friday night it’s a highlight for my husband and I to go to Morton’s for dinner. We look forward to our intimate meal shared over a bottle of wine picked from our personal wine collection. We are both real oenophiles. Wine is totally up there with one of my passions in life. Saturday in the day I enjoy going on my own time to the Yorkville Club to workout. Typically on a Saturday night my husband and I plan a couples dinner. Toronto has an exploding restaurant scene. It’s always super exciting to try out new places with our friends in the different parts of the city. Some of my favorite places to dine out include: Giancarlo, Gusto 101, Sotto Sotto and Harbor Sixty. Sunday’s are my day of rest. I enjoy the occasional brunch at places like Soho House or Hazelton Hotel. If not I have been starting a new tradition since competing making a big pancake brunch for my husband and I. It’s relaxing on the weekends to not have a schedule like the rest of the week. In the warmer months my husband, Bobby and I look forward to spending time up at our cottage in Lake Rosseau.

Describe your style:

My philosophy about style is being comfortable in what you wear. If you feel good in your clothes it will shine through your energy and confidence.  I live in a fitness environment so I mainly wear athletic sports gear that moves and breathes with my body. I train hard and eat a balanced diet to achieve my body results. As a result I favor a styles that flatter my athletic curves. One of my favorite fashion designers is Helmet Lang because his fabrics usually sculpt and mold to my figure. It can be difficult finding clothes to fit an athletic muscular framed body. I’m a big fan of the athletic fitness gear designers: UpVibe, Better Bodies, Labellamafia and Lulu Lemon.


What inspires you?

It’s inspiring to meet highly driven individuals who are drawn to their inner passions in life. I’m always striving for excellence in whatever I put my mind to. I believe to get something you never had; you have to do something you never did. I also believe in instincts. They usually tell you what to do before your head has figured it out.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

As an interior decorator, I’m very particular about decorating my own home. I wanted a minimalistic contemporary design. I’m in my personal space all the time so I didn’t want fabric or furnishings too trendy that could get tiresome. I did not want the interior space to over power the gorgeous views of the city. I used neutral tones like greys and browns. The Calcutta marble, walnut furniture accents and grey washed oak floor gives the place an earthy organic feel. I added hints of blues to the cushions and dining room chairs to give my place a soft pop. I recently wallpapered the foyer and power room to add extra texture and character to the space. I would describe my home as having a smart tailored look to it.

A story about your pet:

The one story that stands out in my mind is when I almost threw Bob down my condo garbage shoot. I was rushing on my way out holding a brand new Herve Leger dress from my husband on Valentine’s Day in one arm with a bag of garbage and Bobby in the other arm. Bob weighs about 7lbs so I easily hold him in my arms while I’m carrying a bunch of stuff. I was frazzled being in a rush that in seconds nearly let him go thinking I was dropping the garbage down the shoot. When it hit me I let the dress and garbage go. Thank goodness Bob was safe still in my arms. It’s in those moments when you’re about to loose something so precious to you that you realize how much it means to you. Even though it was a disaster dropping that dress and having to personally dig it out of the garbage bin to discover it ruined, all I kept thinking was nothing in this world means more to me than my little Bob. For nine years Bob has been a gift of happiness, bringing so much love into my life.