Jess & Brandon

The Sexologist and the Real Estate Broker with Lido the Pomeranian

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


We met Dr. Jess O’Reilly and Brandon Ware at Brandon’s downtown Real Estate office in Toronto. It’s close to a dog park so the office space is perfect for Lido, their adorable Pomeranian, to spend a bit of time in. She could easily be mistaken for a fluffy pillow, decorating this modern-chic space, until she lifts her head up and stares at you with her beautiful eyes. This adorable pooch seems right at home in a busy workplace but seemed happiest curled up in one of her adoring owners laps – gladly posing for photos and making her already incredibly attractive parents look better as only dogs can do.

We’re sure that as a sexologist, Jess would agree that dogs do a lot to enhance a bond between couples. When it comes to their relationship, it’s easy to tell that Jess and Brandon have something special on the go. It’s not every couple that can balance a busy workday with separate schedules and pause for an hour to have a photo shoot with their dog. But these two were able to come together as the most courteous, energetic and obviously in-love couple found walking their dog midday through the work week and likely any given day (just not always for the camera).

Tell us about yourself:

Jess: I’m a sexologist. These days I spend most of my time traveling to executive retreats to host relationship workshops for CEOs and their spouses. In the past few months, I’ve been in Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Turkey, Mexico, Czech Republic and the USA. I also host a television show for PlayboyTV, appear on Canada’s GlobalTV weekly (on Tuesday mornings) and am the author of four books.

Brandon: I’m a Real Estate Broker with a specific focus on the downtown core of Toronto. Negotiating, advising people about great real estate opportunities (and other properties that I would vehemently avoid) and getting creative on how to connect people with real information about the Toronto real estate market are just a few of the reasons that I love what I do.


A bit about your pet:

Our pup, Lido, is a Pomeranian. Brandon wanted a small dog and she’s the perfect size for air travel.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

If Jess happens to be in town over the weekend, we walk down to Corktown Commons to toss the frisbee and eat Saskatoon berries and raspberries right off the trees/bushes. Our regular stops include Odin Haus, The County Riverside, Mangia e Bevi and The Vintage Conservatory. We’re pretty close with our neighbours in Corktown, so we spend a ton of time hanging in the courtyard between our homes.

Describe your personal style:

Jess: Practical. I wear comfortable dresses every day of the year — anything that doesn’t wrinkle in a suitcase works.

Brandon: I wear tailored suits almost every day of the week.

What inspires you?IMG_1656

Jess: The clients I work with inspire me. Despite being the most powerful people in the world, they push their comfort zones and reveal their vulnerabilities as part of the group process to make their marriages/relationships thrive.

Brandon: I’m inspired by the ability to derive satisfaction from simplicity.

How would you describe the look and feel of your workplace?

It’s urban, modern and bright.

A story about your pet:

Jess: Being on the road for work means that I spend a good deal of time away from Brandon and Lido. B and I are in touch daily (sometimes hourly) over FaceTime and text, but the pup obviously never knows when I’ll be back. Brandon always tries to hide my suitcase from her, but one time years ago she buried her bone in my bag and I found it when I landed. I felt terrible for abandoning her, but it was also a warm reminder of how much she loves being with me!