Have Rescue Dog, Will Travel!

Heat Embargo Prompts Save Our Scruff’s Plea to Potential “Flight Parents”

By Si Si Penaloza


Starting on May 15, 2015, a heat embargo will be placed on transporting dogs from international sources. For dogs at risk, this means a rescue to a forever home in Canada is more dicey than ever. The heat alert means that only small dogs able to be brought into the cabin will be able to fly until winter. Going on vacation alone or with friends and family? Save Our Scruff makes a compassionate plea to consider being a flight parent. Take your next guilty pleasure trip and add a bit of feel good endorphins from a deed well done. Best of all? The chance to meet a lovable pup and spread the word about Save Our Scruff to everyone who reaches out to pet him! When traveling Air Transat, Air Canada, or WestJet, all costs to transport a pooch are covered and a representative from a rescue will be there to see you off and meet you upon landing. Each volunteer parent is saving a life by giving that dog an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have at finding a home. There are so many street dogs in need of homes and the chances of them surviving without one is slim to none.10724702_1548090955450558_886142354_n

Two minutes and three page loads deep into the Save Our Scruff Facebook page is all I needed to fall in love. The bounty of beautiful bonding stories between street dog and proud adoptive parent made me weepy at times. This is an organization that enables dog loving travelers the opportunity to do a great thing just by jetting off on a trip they were going on anyway. Think The Transporter, but with a deserving furry soul in place of the whiny damsel in distress – and you in the starring role!

Save Our Scruff (SOS) is a rescue group lead by Laura Bye focused on bringing adoptable dogs into Canada to find good homes. Bye was only 25 when she started her non-profit, having come from the world of spa and sports management. Not all of the dogs in the SOS rescue program are international cases. Half of the dogs are saved from places in Canada, including Ontario and Quebec.

Save Our Scruff work with rescues almost everywhere. If you are flying out of Mexico, Cancun, Puerta Vallarta, Puerta Plata, Punta Cana, Cairo, Texas, California, New York, Florida, Miami, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Aruba, Jamaica, etc… get in touch by emailing your travel dates and flight information to laura@saveourscruff.org