6 Ways to Know You’re An Overachieving Pet Parent

Are you fully owning this pet parenthood game?

By Leslie Phelan


1. You didn’t just ‘get’ your pet

No one surprised you with it; your fur ball wasn’t acquired on a whim. You chose this pet after much careful, well-thought consideration, whether from the most reputable breeder you could find or the thoroughly-researched adoption network you ultimately went with. This was calculated and very pre-meditated and by the time they came, you were totally prepared.

2. You didn’t just ‘train’ your pet

Any responsible pet parent has to teach their animal at least a few things or else live a frustrating life full of pee-covered carpets. All obvious training reasons aside, true type A parents find great joy in breaking through cross-species communication barriers by being meticulous in the demonstration and reinforcement of their message. You are in control, and they feel safe and happy under your firm but loving tutelage.

3. You don’t just ‘feed’ your pet

Theirs is an expertly curated menu containing all the essential nutrients and top-drawer (organic) ingredients. This ensures these furry little machines will run impeccably well into old age.

4. You don’t just ‘walk’ your pet9d50433df7d49b919e19dc998f12bebf

You work them out. Pee strolls have their time and place, but so do the calorie-burning, cardio strength-building scenic route adventures that you make time for no matter what, because you can short-change yourself on health & leisure time but you would never skimp out on fresh air time for your prized pooch.

5. You don’t just ‘groom’ your pet

You either take them to the best, most well referenced professional groomers, or carry out their nail clippings/shampoos/haircuts/teeth brushings with expert precision on your own, having gained their trust with lots of practice and tons of patience.

6. You don’t just ‘love’ your pet

This animal is the carefully selected buddy in your life, a partner in crime who always pays back your efforts a hundredfold with the attention and adoration that only they can give. They are the living, breathing manifestation of every furry companion dream you’ve ever had – a constant reminder to always show up being the person you decided to be the day you chose to bring them home. “Best decision ever,” is something you say to yourself all the time. You don’t just love them; they are cozily, stubbornly burrowed inside your heart.