Happy Birthday, Petcube!

From Kickstarter tech product to massive pet community in 3 years

By Patrick Cullen


It seems like yesterday that we caught wind of Petcube. Like all good ideas in the tech world, there was a moment when it seemed like every site was featuring Petcube as the newest and most innovative product, not to mention the best technology in the pet world. It wasn’t until recently, when Petcube announced their third birthday (and subsequent 30% off sale), that we took a bigger look at what they’ve been up to. The easiest tell tale sign that things are going in the right direction for Petcube? They’re already compatible with the Apple Watch. Dive deeper and you’ll realize that the app looks great, the community is vibrant, and their social following continues to snowball. All in all, if you haven’t thought about investing in a Petcube, now is the time.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 1.47.35 AM

Petcube’s appeal begins with a high definition camera that streams live footage directly to your phone through the connected app (which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices), making it accessible to you at any time during your day. For some, being able to watch your dog go about his day is simply a nice way to pass the time when the clock seems to slow down after lunch. For owners of dogs who have a taste for furniture, are going through a rebellious phase, or are just curious (as you worded it to your friends while they looked on disapprovingly after your dog had dismantled your trash bag and thoughtfully examined its inventory, piece by piece), a camera feed may be a necessity. Like its competitor, Petcube also allows you to talk to your dog through a speaker on the compact, cubic device. Again, this function may appeal to different owners for different purposes, but it is a great feature for all. I’m sure dogs everywhere will be happy to hear their loving owner’s voice, regardless of the tone.

Petcube could be seen as a driving force behind a determined New Year’s weight loss resolution for your pup. Instead of tossing your buddy a treat, no matter how much he would enjoy it (see iCPooch), with the Petcube, you’re able to encourage exercise by having mobile control over an eye-safe laser pointer that you can control with your phone and is apparently very easily mistaken for something that urgently needs to be captured. Your dog can get a solid workout chasing that little red dot, even in your absence.

What’s more, the Petcube allows you to share the stream of your pet with family members, friends, and any other dog lovers that have signed up for the free app. Even if you’re busy, your best friend can exercise your dog, talk him through the mistaken fear of abandonment that continues to bring on at least a few minutes of panic despite your return being a daily occurrence, or take a break from Netflix to find a more intimate, loveable scene to binge watch. If you’re the only serious dog lover in your social circle, you can open up your stream to the Petcube public or give your Instagram followers a break by choosing the Petcube photo-sharing network as a new avenue for your borderline excessive posting of dog pictures.

For just $199, you’re not at a huge loss if your pet decides to give Petcube the cold, furry shoulder. That said, if your pet responds, like it appears most pets do (testimonials on site), it could just be the best money you’ve ever spent on your pet and to improve your life. We look forward to the enrichment of the relationship to our pets that products like this will bring as they become more efficient and accessible. Stay tuned!

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