Social Pets – Hamilton Pug

Hamilton Pug rolls deep on social media and proves anything is possible!

By Patrick Cullen


Pretty much every day you hear of a new book, movie or TV series that chronicles a “rags to riches” story. Coming from poverty, mistreatment or any number of negative circumstances to find success and happiness is an inspiring feat, so it’s no surprise that these feel-good tales are so popular.

First, there was Cinderella. More recently, we’ve followed Michael Oher’s journey in The Blind Side, applauded JK Rowling’s rise from welfare to beloved (and very wealthy) author, and even sang along as Drake reminded us that he did, in fact, start from the bottom. And now, there is Hamilton Pug. Although he might lack the classic good looks of your average heroes, Hamilton is the  real deal, and after coming from the toughest of beginnings, this dynamic four-legged friend earned a rightful place in the hearts of his many online followers.

Hamilton Pug’s story began at a shelter in Ohio. After his rescue, Hamilton Pug’s charisma quickly garnered him over 8k Twitter followers, while his Instagram is now faithfully watched by more than 56k followers, who love to check in on his daily antics. His younger brother, Rufus, who was rescued just this year, is working on emerging from Hamilton’s shadow, which may prove difficult given that where one appears, the other follows. Regardless, they’re both adorable and we’re sure Rufus will soon get a taste of Hamiton’s popularity and gain thousands of followers of his own. Our favorite thing though, is when Hamilton hangs with one of our most beloved social pets, Marnie!

They may not be the most handsome dogs, but that is only part of their charm. Check these two out and show them some love on Instagram!