Style in the City: Boston, MA

The classic, timeless style of Women in Boston

By Madeline Morra


In 2011, GQ deemed Boston “The worst dressed city in America.” Although we can fault the men (suits and running shoes?), the women of Boston played their part in garnering this statement as well by holding onto their Ugg boots a little longer than they should have. However, with a historical high fashion street like Newbury running right down the middle, Boston couldn’t be the worst dress city for long, and indeed they’ve pulled up their high, nautical-striped socks in recent years.

Boston has honed in on its classic, clean, sophisticated look and even GQ would agree its become one of the most fashionable cities in America. The Boston woman is stylish in a classic and refined way. Her clothes are built to stand up to the New England weather, but also to embody the timelessness of the city. She chooses pieces that she can take for a walk in Boston Common, the oldest park in America, as easily as she can take them on a coffee date. The high fashion of the city makes the women of Boston close friends with Michael Kors, Vera Wang, and Ralph Lauren, yet they don’t feel the need to show off brand names, rather, they go for a subtle fashion that appears effortless. And of course, Boston’s style circles back to their classic, patriotic colors; blue, white, and red.

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