Social Pets – Katie Lee’s Pug, Fionula

Katie Lee and her Pug, Fionula show us what love really looks like

By Jon Nelson


When we decide to feature a pet for Social Pets, it’s because we’ve fallen in love. Sometimes it’s with the pet itself, as we have very little information about the pet’s parents – take Marnie or Hamilton Pug, for example. Other times, we know more about the pet’s parents than the pet itself, but our love and admiration is just as strong.

This is the case with Katie Lee. We’re in love with her style, her charisma, her books, her philanthropic endeavors and of course, her recipes, but we know very little about what really connects her with our magazine – her Pug! Fionula sprinkles Katie’s Instagram with an incredibly cute face and when we’re scrolling through our feed, there’s nothing like a Fionula post to make our day.

Here are a couple things we do know about Fionula:

She’s charmingly old for a dog

But that just makes her more adorable. The grey in her whiskers is totally enamoring and when she looks at the camera her gaze is full of wisdom.

She doesn’t give a s**t

Full sofa to herself? Yup. Wrapped and cozy in a blanket and not moving for anything or anybody? Check. A pug’s ability to make herself comfortable and make comfort the top priority of the day is what we love most about them, but Fionula does it better than others.

She’s the very most loved

You know how sometimes you don’t know what’s funny but someone else is laughing so hard that you just start laughing too? That’s also the case with dog love. Fionula is just so adored by Katie that we can’t help but love her as well. We know these two have a special bond and we’re so glad Instagram exists so we can witness it!

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